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Quote Of The Week – Be HAPPY

Hello my loves,

did I ever mention that I LOVE postcards, the once with the quotes on them (hence, I also LOVE quotes)? No, I didn’t? Oh oh, but I do, as long as I can remember.
So yesterday while I was walking towards work, I passed a beautiful bookstore and boom so many postcards! But there were two that stood out the most for me – stay tuned the second one will most probably appear on my Instagram feed very soon.

2015-04-30 10.57.56


Happiness. It is a tricky thing. We all want it, we even set it as our highest goal – to be happy. And often times happiness is treated as a higher power, as something we cannot control. But I believe different. Happiness is something you can control, at least a little. You can teach yourself to look at the bright side. Sure there will be days when you are not happy – I did have quite a few of those in the last weeks -, but you can make sure that those days stay a rare occasion.

You woke up with a headache? Instead of being unhappy, ask yourself why you might have one – did you get enough sleep? If so, make sure to plan in an early night, get a big cup of coffee and consider walking to work to get a little bit of fresh air.
You were riding your bike to work and got hit by a rain shower? Well, how about you stop for a moment and try to focus on the rain drops falling on your face – doesn’t it feel amazing? And maybe you can think about investing in some rain prove clothes…just saying – I should do so.
You wake up, look in the mirror…who is that messy looking person staring in your face? Don’t we all have those moments? If you do, it is time to smile at yourself, flirt at this messy looking women, turn on happy music, dance around in your apartment and then after sometime return to your mirror. Who is looking back now?

Just this morning I woke up feeling not so happy, something heavy was weighing down on my chest. And just after 5 minutes after waking up, I was in a grumpy mood. But as I was watching my coffee rise up in my espresso machine, I started laughing at myself. There was NO reason to be unhappy. The day had just begun. Everything is possible. And is up to me to make the most out of it!



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