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The Lorna Jane App

Hello my loves,

here comes a little information about me: I love all things tech – macbook and Iphone are my favorite tools and whenever I discover great apps or programs I need to download them asap (as long as they are for free 🙂 – you can ask my friends, a good app makes me overly excited.
Now the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to aim for a healthier life. Mainly because the last six months I was way to stressed to care to much about healthy food and getting my butt of the couch after too many hours at the library. But that is over now. One of my favorite resource to get inspired and discover new recipes has been Move Nourish Believe – a great blog focusing on the beautiful Lorna Jane and her philosophy, “…a place to get your daily dose of inspiration and motivation. A place where you will always be encouraged to live your best, most beautiful life”. Amen to that!


Now somehow, only last week I discovered that besides their amazing blog, they have an app! All focusing on their three principles: MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE. A place where you can easily track your workout – running, cycling, yoga and more -, try out new recipes and get inspired by beautiful quotes. And best of all, it is all pink! My favorite workout motivation color! This app makes healthy living a whole lot more fun – promise. But see for yourself – you can download it right here: IOS and Android.


What do you think about it? Did you know about this app?

Have a lovely start into the new week – maybe even with a little workout that you can track in your new pink app?



5 thoughts on “The Lorna Jane App

  1. Ich hatte die App auch eine lange Zeit und alleine die Quotes mit den wunderschönen Bildern waren es wert sie zu besitzen 🙂 Nachdem mein Handy den Wasserschaden erlitten hatte, habe ich sie nicht mehr heruntergeladen weil ich sie einfach vergessen habe…Danke für die Erinnerung 🙂

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  3. Very cool! I will definitely check this out. I love apps like this that are inspiring and get me motivated :). Thanks for sharing!

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