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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 13

Hello my loves,

I hope you are enjoying a fabulous Sunday. Hopefully all cuddled up, with a cup of coffee and some nice reading to do in your super comfy reading spot – that’s what I am planning to go back to in just a minute. Sunday’s are simply the best!

As you might know my final is coming closer and closer – less then three week! -, and so is my anxiety and fear. I am trying hard to keep these emotions to a minimum. How? With running, good&healthy food, a lot of sleep and reading my own words – like my guest post over on Danielle’s blog. After all, I choose not to let myself be controlled by my fear anymore. So this is what I am going to do!
You guys, I can’t wait until its over! There are so many exciting plans I have for my blog, so many ideas, things I want to do. But for now I have to focus on my exam and give it all the energy I have. So please excuse if the quantity of new posts won’t be like the usual in the next couple of weeks. I’ll try my best, but as it is with creative energy, it sometimes won’t come that easily…

IMG_0722Monday. 6.30am and my alarm goes off. Can’t hold us goes on and I am already in a good mood. Let’s do this!

IMG_0726Mh, discovered new smoothies in my super market. So tasty. All three off them!


Smoothie on the go. Perfect afternoon pick me up!

IMG_0741New dashboard in my planner makes my times at the library so much more fun.2015-03-27 07.37.55

Rise and shine, it is time for a run ❤ Did my tipp help you?

2015-03-26 08.47.10

Pink lips at the library – makes even a gray day a whole lot more fun.

IMG_0775A picture perfect Sunday was what I’ve was looking forward to on Friday.

2015-03-28 09.42.52

Saturday traditions: starting my day with a cappuccino before work.

IMG_0783Hello pancakes breakfast. It has been sometimes since we last met, or has it not?

Have great start into the next week! Are you taking some days off over easter? Any family time planned? I am heading to my family on Thursday and can’t wait to spent four days with them all, eat some tasty food, go on a long run and study a little in between!



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