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Quote Of The Week – Dare To Fail

Hello my loves,

as you might know I didn’t pass one of my exams last fall – back at that very moment my world collapsed. I had never ever pictured myself not passing one of my exams! I was shocked. I was terrified. I was lost. BUT out of this one miserable event, so many beautiful things came up: I won amazing new friends. I’ve grown a whole lot more into the woman I’ve always pictured myself to be. I rethought my whole career and accepted that the choice I made 5 years ago might not fit anymore. I realized that the only way I want to live is in the presence – not in the past and most certainly not in the future. I understood that worrying about things to come just doesn’t make sense, all it does is making your life less positive. And this is just a selections of things that came into my mind right now. Out of one failure so many great things evolved, just as John F. Kennedy said:


And even though I am writing way to much these days during my studies, I couldn’t resist a little bit of hand lettering last Sunday. What do you think? I believe I need a little more exercise…and of course a new blank notebook to fill 🙂 Hello, stationary addict!

Have a beautiful day!




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