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Get Up And GO GO GO – #sothisiswhatRUN

Hello my loves,

here comes a little information of mine: I always wanted to be a runner! I still remember when I was in high school and was dreaming about one day becoming a runner. But somehow I also thought that I couldn’t run. Still that dream stuck with me. And then somehow back in 2012 I started running. Step by step, starting with only 10 minutes in a row and in the end even attending a 10km run in Berlin – pretty big for me back than! I already told you one thing I believe in:

Running is cheaper than therapy

So when I started running my brother gifted me with a book, that turned out to be very special to me: “What I talk about when I talk about running” by Haruki Murakami. And a new idea popped in my head: every day early morning runs. But even though I wanted to do so, I never did. I was scared and full of fear. And then last week I decided that this fear was BS. I would never find out how morning runs would influence my life if I wouldn’t try. So I did! I got up and ran! Now my goal is not necessary to run every day, but you know what? Once you start, you quickly find tons of good reasons to continue: an amazing good mood, a much higher energy level during your day, a great accomplishment already before the day really started, a better sleep, “Yes, girl, you rock!”-moments when you look in the mirror, a higher self-confidence and so much more! But now the big question you probably all have: How should you get started? How will you manage to get up and resist you inner temptation? Here are two tips of mine and I promise, they will get you up and GO GO GO:

1) Choose to run the night before!
When you are in bed about to turn off the light, picture yourself waking up early and going out for a run. Slowly waking up with every step you take. Seeing the sun rise. Feeling the energy slowly coming to your body. A first smile you get from another early morning runner. The great shower after you’ve accomplished your run. How much better your coffee will taste, ohhh the happiness and positive every you will feel…

2) Set up your alarm with your powersong!
Now that you have this image of your great inspiring uplifting run in your mind and you decide that you want exactly that the next morning, create a new alarm that is ONLY for your morning runs. It is going to be reserved only for that purpose- running. This special alarm will help you to distinguish between your intention to run and not to run. This way  when you wake up to your non-running alarm, you will know that is is okay not to put on your running shoes and you won’t get this bad feeling of not having accomplished your goal – because it wasn’t you intention in the beginning to run.
And the other way around when your running-alarm goes of, you will remember that you set it with the intention to life up to the image you had the night before, which will get you motivated to fight you inner temptations. So psychology speaking, you will condition yourself like Pavlov’s dog.
Now to get that effect of conditioning, choose your personal powersong as your running-alarm. A song that uplifts you, that makes you want to dance and sing out loud, that gets your heart pumping and your soul shining, that makes your endorphins going. This is a very personal choice, but as a little inspiration, my ultimate powersong is “Can’t hold us” by Macklemore. Nothing get’s me going like this song! Just the first beats already make me happy.

DSC_4917From my words, you might have picked up that running is a big thing for me. I sure struggle to fight my inner temptations a lot of times. Discovering the power of an alarm that goes of with your powersong was huge to me. Nothing has ever helped me fight my inner temptation more than this! I am sharing this today to help you, to inspire you to get up and GO GO GO. So in case it does or you have other great tips, please share them in the comments below and don’t hesitate to send me a mail at ronja@sothisiswhat.com if you have something more personal to share. You know what, let’s make this something we do together! Let’s share our accomplishments on Twitter and Instagram under #sothisiswhatRUN. Oh this is making me excited! And all looking forward to tomorrow morning to get up and run!

Love you all,


9 thoughts on “Get Up And GO GO GO – #sothisiswhatRUN

  1. Liebe Ronja,
    was für eine schöne Motivation!
    Für mich ist das Laufen auch ein besonderer Teil meines Lebens und die beste Art schlechte Gedanken zu vertreiben. Einfach ein Hobby, das ich jederzeit und ohne viel Aufwand ausüben kann! 🙂

    • Danke meine Liebe! Motivierend sollte es sein 🙂 Ich hab immer meine auf und abs mit dem Laufen, aber es ist immer irgendwie ein fester Bestandteil meines Lebens. Und jetzt gerade wird es zu einer richtigen Instanz – ohne geht nicht! Und das man es überall und ohne Geld machen kann, lieb ich einfach 🙂
      Hab eine schönen Tag! Deine Ronja

  2. Ich liebe deine Texte einfach! Ich möchte mich auch endlich wieder motivieren! Mache zwar regelmäßig Sport, aber ich würde auch gerne wieder mehr Joggen und versuche mich jetzt mal an deine Motivationstipps zu halten 🙂

    • Vielen vielen Dank meine Liebe! Dein Kommentar hat meinen Tag um einiges toller gemacht ❤ Ich hoffe es hilft dir. Ich bin echt begeistert von meinem PowerSong als Wecker – da hab ich direkt Lust los zu laufen. 🙂

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  4. Toller Beitrag! Es gibt Zeiten da laufe ich regelmäßig, aber gerade fehlt mir oft die Motivation- dieser Artikel hat mich jetzt aber angespornt meine Laufschuhe wieder öfter anzuziehen…

    Liebste Grüße

    • Oh es freut mich, dass dich mein Beitrag motiviert. Ich weiß genau was du meinst, immer ein auf und ab mit dem Laufen. Mir hat der Tip hier echt geholfen. Liebe Grüße, xoxo Ronja

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