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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 12

Hello my loves,

sometimes in life, we just need a break. I just needed a break. To rethink, reboot, focus, listen to my heart, my soul, get inspired.

I am full of ideas and want to make big things happen. Take Sothisiswhat to the next level, redesign, restructure. But for now I need to focus on one main thing: my final exam. Because once again in life my body showed me its limits. And I listened, I listened to what it was saying, what it was needing. And then I started to run. Four days in a row I woke up at 6.30 and ran. It was magical. So uplifting, so positive. And pretty much addictive. You want to know my trick to get up and run run run? Then stay tuned for tomorrow!

IMG_0624Soulfood ❤

IMG_0640Running day ONE.

IMG_0644Journaling. One of my favorite evening activities.

IMG_0647Nom nom. Breakfast is ready.

IMG_0651I am not so sure why, but running makes me crave smoothies and juices.

IMG_0662Favorite meal this week was definitely zucchini noodles. Here is a great recipe video!

IMG_0670The perks of waking up early.

IMG_0674Time for a coffee break.

IMG_0711About two weeks ago I thought my year in the US and all the times I’ve been drinking iced coffee with my friends. Hard core craving that needed to be satisfied after another run.

IMG_0712I started a yoga class two weeks ago and what can I say, it is amazing.

IMG_0689I am in love with this rituals candle that my mum got me for my birthday. Cozy moments at home.


IMG_0700Sunday. Breakfast in bed ❤

Have a great Sunday!



3 thoughts on “Bit’s & Pieces – CW 12

  1. I’ve recently started working from home and I think getting outside and going for a run each morning would be such a good idea and set me up for a better day. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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