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World Of Inspiration – CW 11

Hello my loves,

Coffee in hand? Seated comfortably? Ready to discover new amazing bloggers and posts? Alright, then let’s go!

World Of Inspiration - Klappe 2

1) Blogging 101

Oh, I love discovering new amazing bloggers! Luckily, that happened last week when I stumbled upon And there they were, great photographs, great designs, great articles. You probably know me well enough to guess that the first post I read was some sort of behind the scene of a blogger and some tips and tricks.

2) Improve your blog images

The biggest reason why I love blogging so much, is this mentality of sharing that bloggers tend to have. I adore it. Because I don’t understand why so many people in your day to day life hold back valuable information. This thought “as long as I get the benefit, why sharing?” is just not mine, I don’t get the point. Luckily I am able to surround myself with people who love sharing – on and offline. Just like Rebecca, who has a truly inspiring blog on which she shares lot’s of valuable information. Like one Sunday where she wrote about ways to improve your blog images. Super interesting since I certainly don’t consider myself a pro.

3) Comparing? NO, NO!

Over the last week, when I was sick at home, I realized one crucial thing: I had started to compare myself to everyone and everything. Toxic. So incredible toxic! I’ve nee so proud of myself over the last years and as a blogger, since it seemed that I had this whole comparing thing under control. I was keeping it to a tolerable minimum. Now it might just be because I was sick, which always makes me feel more vulnerable and week that I compared myself. But no matter why, it had to stop. And what better way than to inspire yourself with a lovely post?


Have a great day!



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