Quick Tips

Bye Bye Cold!

Hello my loves,

I had a little something different scheduled for today, but schedules are there to be thrown overboard, aren’t they? Since I spend so much thoughts on this persistent cold that I’ve been battling since last week, I thought I could share a couple of tips and life savors with you today. In case some of you are also suffering from this cold/flew-wave that is going around in Germany. Even on a recent online purchase – don’t worry not breaking my rules here, it didn’t cost me anything and is for my studies – they  said it comes to delayed deliveries due to the flew. It feels like everyone around is sick to some extend. But maybe my following tips can help!


Sleep it off!

Nothing new, but sometimes I struggle actually giving myself the much needed sleep because I am far to busy distracting myself with YouTube, blogs or TV. But there always comes a point when your body can’t handle it anymore. Then SLEEP! And if you start feeling better, audio books are great idea. Fun, yet you can keep your eyes closed.

Drink it up!

Now living alone there is no one making sure that you stay hydrated, you gotta do it yourself. So keep the tea boiling! One after another. And here is another great booster: half a squeezed lemon, a little bit of ginger and honey. Brew with hot, not boiling, water and enjoy. So good for you! Especially when you have a sore throat.

Eat those vitamins!

When sick with a cold, eating is usually not the most fun. Nothing really tastes like anything, the appetite is gone. Still, you need to fuel up on energy. My rescue here are usually smoothies. Not sure why but I especially associate oranges with health. So my favorite recipe: handful of frozen mango, two oranges and a banana mixed together with water. Makes at least two smoothie fuel ups!

Keep your skin hydrated!

One tissue after another is thrown in you bin. The skin around your nose is getting drier and drier. You look in the mirror see a white ghost with pale skin looking at you. Well, it is time to wash you face with a mild lotion and hydrate it! My weapon for those dry spots and your overall skin: coconut oil. Just take a tiny bit, warm it in your hand and massage in your skin. Instant relief. And for a little help during the day I am a big fan of “Kaufmann’s Haut- und Kindercreme”, but I guess any fatty mild children lotion from the drugstore would help.

Get a good night sleep!

Sounds easy, yet can be so tricky when having a cold mixed with a dry cough. Still I found a few steps to help. First off, open the window and get in some fresh air. Wash your face and give it an extra big hydration. Drink one more glass of water. And my favorite, apply some tiger balm on your chest and back. Also a great tipp is to apply a tiny bit on the ala of your nose to relieve a stuffy nose. Lights off and good night!


I hope none of your are lying down sick as well, but if you do, I hope you find those tips helpful, turn of your laptop now and get some sleep. Rest it off.

What usually helps you to get better again?

Stay healthy you all!



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