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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 10

Hello my loves,

and happy Sunday! Nothing beats Sunday mornings, waking up fresh with the sun shining, you feel motivated, empowered & happy, crave coffee and just want to get up and DO!
Maybe it is because I was sick during the last week and barely went out that I feel so grateful for this morning or maybe it is the thought of my birthday coming up, either way I am happy! And I truly hope you are happy too ❤


Started my week with an insight in my planner and a whole week scheduled, which I had to throw overboard shortly after – stupid cold.


Smoothie and coffee pick me up.


Preparing for my birthday on Tuesday – it’s been too long that I send out handwritten cards.


Yummy discovery: honey with a vanilla bean in it – so good in black tea.


This pretty much sums up my week: cuddled up in bed, stocked up with tissues and listening to audio books.


Looks like spring is around the corner 🙂


Finally back to feeling better and ready for work.

IMG_0550Sunday feelings.

Loving this song!

I hope you are all doing fine!



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