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Filofax, Planning and Tipps & Tricks

Hello my loves,

I am sure you know by now that I love stationary products: notebooks, pens and planners. I’ am going to be honest with you: I used to have a little planner problem. After just a few months of using a planner I got unsatisfied with what I had and needed a new one. Luckily things have changed and it seems I have found “the one”. Or at least the one brand: Filofax. Since many of you have asked here and on my Instagram account, I thought I would share a little peek in my planning and a couple of tipps and tricks with you today. Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, I already shared a peek in my Day Designer with you. And be aware, this is going to be a totally planner-nerdy post, welcome to that side of me! 🙂




My Filofax

When I was younger, or actually still now, I loved poking through my mums drawers, which is where I found her ring-bound planner – no idea why, but I fell in love. Fast forward: Last year during my exam I simply needed a lot of space to juggle things so I decided to buy an A5 Filofax, which quickly turned out to be way to heavy to carry around every day. When things got crazy in my life, I needed an anchor to keep me sane and focus on while things around me fell apart – which is why I decided to spent a ridiculous amount of money on a planner. Sorry, not sorry. I am in love!
Now I have all my different parts in life organized in one handy beautiful planner:

  • cal: calendar with a  week on two pages
  • to do: collecting my weekly and monthly to do lists
  • life: where I write down all my thoughts and random things
  • blog: obviously all things about this little place right here aka editorial calendar, to do list, cooperation information and ideas & thoughts
  • uni: all things around my last final – whoop whoop! Hopefully this category can be exchanged in just a few weeks!
  • A-Z: where I collect bit’s and pieces, for example a collection of quotes, a list of things that make me happy or my favorite pancakes recipes




Try and error – what are your needs?

I think this is one of the most important task: finding out what you need. Some people are happy with a simple planner where they can write down their appointments. But if you are like me, you might not find your planner peace there. I struggle a lot of things in life – work, university, my blog and my personal life. And without writing things down, I am lost. Actually writing turned into one of my most precious activity – in my planner, in my journal or my one line a day book. Also things tend to change around in life, some days are super busy while others are not. I’ve tried a lot of options over the last years, but it seems that a ring-bound planner was my perfect option. Here I can switch things up in case I get bored, add pages or tabs when new projects start or old ones finish, change the calendar layout in case I need to, add postcards, stickers and washi tape for a little extra something. But  my needs are not the same as yours. You might want to give your planner choice some thoughts. Reflect what you’ve been using the years before, what has worked and what has not. Think about the criteria you need – for me, I can’t just have one calendar inlay for my weekly to do’s, I also want to be able to have my editorial calendar with me everywhere I go. That brings me to another criteria, is your planner gonna be going with you everywhere or will it only be sitting on year desk? How heavy can it be? You see, there are lot’s of thinks that can be thought through 🙂




Take time to plan.

This might be obvious, but make sure to take some time to plan out your week ahead. Your appointments, your to do’s and other activities. But make sure to focus not just on time, but on your energy. You can plan out all 24h of each day to the brim, but let’s be honest you don’t have the energy to fulfill every minute with a perfectly planned activity.
I started a little Sunday ritual, where I sit down in a quiet moment of the day and plan my week. Starting with filling in all appointments, that I haven’t written down yet, and then heading to my weekly to do list to see where I have time to do what. Of course this plan isn’t always fix. Usually things get juggled around, but still making a plan helps me to focus on my goals. And when I have enough time and feel a little extra creative on Sunday, I even decorate my pages a little, just for the fun of it.


Planners don’t work unless you do.

I learned that the hard way. All the planning in the world won’t actually accomplish a task. YOU need to accomplish your task. And what better then to constantly remind you of your plan? So make sure to look at what you’ve written! I make sure to check my planner at least three times a day: in the morning, after lunch and at night. This way I make sure I stay on top of things.



Be creative.

A planner can be a just a planner, but it can also be a source of fun and joy. At least I can say, that I look way more often at my planner when I like what I see and as I said, that will help you to remind you of your plans which might give you the right motivation to get that check box crossed of. So take out your creative side and craft away. No idea what to do? Just type in Filofax on YouTube, you’ll be surprised what you find!

Now I wonder, are there any other planner nerds under us? What are your favorites? And how to you get things done?



12 thoughts on “Filofax, Planning and Tipps & Tricks

  1. WunderschĂśner Post! Meinen Planner habe ich auch bereits geshootet – kommt nächste Woche denke ich online. Deiner gefällt mir auch sooo gut! :-*

  2. Ach ich liebe Kalender Posts mit so einem kleinen heimlichen Blick in den Kalender 🙂 Deinen Großen durfte ich ja bereits schon mal durchblättern und auch der Kleine ist richtig schön!!
    Liebe Grüße!!!

  3. Ahhh…the post speaks to my soul because I am a total planner nerd!! I’m obsessed with planners and finding the *right* one! I think I may have found my – the Design Love Planner – but who knows…every year someone comes out with another one that looks awesome and I can’t help but fall in love with it, lol. Love your Filofax! It’s so organized and pretty…I also love your tabs…very cool! Thanks for sharing and letting us a take a peek inside :-).

    • Thank you so much Vicky! I like planner nerds 🙂 We rock! Although I truly have no idea what is actually all about. But oh well, it is fun! Have great Sunday! xoxo

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  6. Wirklich super Post. Dein Blog ist im Allgemeinen wirklich super! Macht total spass durch deine Posts zu scrollen und alles zu lesen. Liebst, Vanessa

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