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World Of Inspiration – CW 9

Hello my loves,

it is Thursday and that means only one thing: Share the love!

World Of Inspiration - Klappe 2

1) Behind The Scene

I guess by now you now me well enough – I love every post that shows whats actually behind a blog. I am fascinated by it. I think it is my number one inspiration and motivation booster. When Faith’s post peeked out of my feed I got excited before I was even reading it. Yes, I confess. I am a behind-the-scene-nerd! No wonder I purchased “Daily Rituals” a few months ago.

2) Just Like That

Ever wondered how powerful and inspiring the story of someone else can be? Than you must read this post from Joanna. Because she just DID it! Out of one single moment she simply decided to go pack her bags and stay in the US for some months. Super inspiring, especially since I have no plan after finishing my finals yet. You never know, maybe I will pack my bags as well…

3) Free Business Classes

Sometimes I truly wonder where my mind goes. How come that sometimes we simply forget – not just where is the key, but truly inspiring things? Luckily Career Girl Daily reminded me of – a great place for online classes from legit schools all around the world. And not just that, they also made a little collection of possible classes to boost your business knowledge. Well, now I know what to study after my finals – you know since I will miss studying so much 😉

4) Planner Business

A peek inside a planner? And great tips to successfully plan your week? I am in! Especially when words are used that kick your butt a little bit, you know in a positive uplifting way 🙂 I am sure guilty of blaming my planner instead of myself when my organization doesn’t work. But we all know, it’s not the planner, it’s you. I am glad that Vicky over on did remind me of that. And on top she shared a couple of helpful tips. But see for yourself!

I am always on the hunt for new inspiration – so anything you’ve read that you want to share in the comments below?



2 thoughts on “World Of Inspiration – CW 9

  1. Thanks for the share, Ronja! I love this series because you always find awesome things to share, so with my cup of coffee in hand, I’m diving into the other articles you’ve shared here! Have an day! ❤ 🙂

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