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Want To Know What I’m Gonna Restrict Myself From For 40 Days?

Hello my loves,

the fasting period has officially started this Wednesday! So my friends, what can you hold yourself back from for 40 days?

To be honest, I usually don’t fast, but have always been inspired by my uncle who is pretty strict in doing so every year. Now this year, all off a sudden I had a couple of bit’s and pieces on my bloglovin feed, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Like this german article from Hannah, who is going to let sugar be sugar for the next 40 days. I was pretty excited to join in, but then I actually gave it a whole lot of thoughts.

Looking at myself, my life, my behavior and what has happened, I realized that quitting all things sugary right now wouldn’t work for me. I am still processing last years events and I am in the middle of preparing for my final (stress and fear, you guys). And here comes the truth: I am not ready to push chocolate aside right now 🙂 So putting myself up for that challenges without being 100% committed, is just not a good idea. Because a challenge should be something you WANT to complete and KNOW that you will give everything to complete it! So if it isn’t sugar, what could it be?

No spend

The answer was simple to me: SHOPPING! Yep, you heard me I am gonna stop shopping. Obviously not groceries or drugstore products I need, but anything else. That little notebook, mug, washi tape, t-shirt, sweater or magazine that I “need to have”? No. Not happening. Although “hint hint” my favorite magazine the Flow comes out 10th of March – my birthday 🙂 To make this a learning experience, I am gonna write down every item I wish to buy and see what actually stays in my mind over those 40 days. What is it that would actually make me happy and not get forgotten about after one week? I am super excited about this! Already it makes me feel stronger and more focused. Exactly what a challenge should do and not what quitting sugar would have felt like for me.

So my loves, is there anything you will restrict yourself off? And if not, do you want to join in on my little adventure?



2 thoughts on “Want To Know What I’m Gonna Restrict Myself From For 40 Days?

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