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World Of Inspiration – CW 8

Hello my loves,

and welcome to another round of:

World Of Inspiration - Klappe 2


1) Blogging Business

There are only that many great tipps on how to turn your blog into your business out there – not saying I know them all. Still I always love reading any tipp a successful blogger can give. They might not be new to me, but the way each one tells his story is. So this weeks business peeks come from Kayla over on Not Your Standard. Excited? Then let’s start.

2) Still meditating?

…uhm some of you might remember my challenge back in March last year: mediation for 15 minutes each day. Back then I was pretty “disciplined” about it, but slowly I lost track of that habit. A pity in my eyes. Luckily there was an article on A Little Opulent reminding me again why I started to meditate in the first place. Now I am back on building that habit, step by step.

3) Getting Things Done

A very important thing for each and everyone of us, isn’t it? At least I know that balancing work, university, my blog and personal life needs carful planning – not saying that I am an expert here. As you may have seen, I am using my Day Designer mostly for my blog scheduling and for all things else a Filofax – curious about a post on that? These last two weeks I’ve been making it a prirotiy to really get into planning and trying to find a good system that works for me, which made me stumble upon a great post over on Career Girl Daily. Especially the first tipp in this post rang in my ears: “as if your instructing a personal assistant on her first day on the job…”

4) Making things happen

Nothing better than a little kick-ass motivation and personal story to get yourself off the couch and start doing, right? Right? Lucky you, Danielle shared a little something on her blog this week. I can’t speak for you, but it certainly got me off the couch.

Whoop whoop! Almost weekend!



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