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Quote Of The Week – Friendship

Hello my loves,

there are two wonderful things in life: family and friends. People you can rely on, no matter what. Chosen or unchosen. Always there for you. For better or worse. They make you smile. They dry your tears. Running with you through the rain. Happy times. Laughter. Happy tears. Sad tears being dried. Support. Inspiration. Living life. Words speaking right to your soul. Together. Apart. Wild party nights. Loud music. Cuddles. Girls night. Sleep over. Christmas. Italy. Growths. Distance. Sunshine. Giggly. Fights. Love. Words on paper.


It is again a time in my life that I am being parted more and more from my friends, them moving away, starting something new and me dreaming about my future and taking little steps towards it. Not the first time that many kilometers are holding me back from giving my best friends a hug. But while some friendship are fading, new once are built. And there are those friends that no matter how much each is growing, that growth is accepted. Not just that, it is cherished. And isn’t that what it is all about? To cherish, support and love your friends, because they are always there for you. No matter what.




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