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HAIR: Invisi Bobble

Hello my loves,

today is gonna be about all things hair. Or at least one product I’ve been falling in love with: Invisi bobble – the traceless hair ring. Ever since I’ve heard and read about them quit some time ago I’ve been wondering if they can keep there promise: no traces from your ponytail and a reduce of headaches, which I get a lot if I put up my hair. And it seems to me there are getting pretty popular in Germany right now – I even got asked were I bought mine at work last week from the cutest girl.



So the invisi bobble’s – some hate, some love them. Me? I LOVE them! They actually work very  well with my hair – I have a lot and pretty thick hair – keeping my ponytail or bun up all day long. Without leaving that typical trace in my hair. But what I love even more is that they do reduce this ponytail-headache, which is especially great for a 9h working day. Definitely a new favorite!



What about you? Have you tried them out? Love or hate?



* Thank you Hanni for taking the pictures!


7 thoughts on “HAIR: Invisi Bobble

    • That could be true…I guess depending on your hair they might not be strong enough!
      I just checked your blog – it is beautiful! And you are a beautiful woman! Have a great day! xoxo, Ronja

  1. Im Alltag trage ich diese Haargummis eigentlich nie, aber für nachts finde ich die super, weil man am nächsten Tag nicht so einen Knick in den Haaren hat 🙂

    • Ich muss sagen, dass ich sie nachts noch nie probiert habe, weil ich in der Regel ohne Zopf schlafe. Aber du hast recht, weil ohne Knick wäre es mal wieder eine Überlegung wert! 🙂

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