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The Day Designer

Hello my loves,

finally it is time for this highly requested post by you: an insight in my planning and the Day Designer!

Ever since I first saw The Day Designer from Vicky and Kathi over on The Daily Dose
back in 2013 I’ve been in love with its design. Lucky me, Jenny felt the same way and together we decided to purchase this gorgeous planner (Note: The shipping to Germany is pretty expensive, considering the planner itself is not that cheap either). I can tell you, we were pretty excited when we first hold it in our hands.

DSC_4659…with that I already come to the only, but pretty significant, downside the planner has: it is huge! As you might know, I used a Filofax A5 planner during my exams, which is about the same size as the Day Designer, and it was good at that time having tons of study planning and remembering in mind, but for my every day life right now it is simply to big. With studying, working, blogging, going to the library and no office I spent every day at, I am usually running from A to B all day, so I need something more purse-suitable, which I found in my Filofax – stay tuned for a little peek at that!

Now that I told you what I didn’t like, it is time to go on raving about it. First of all, the Day Designer is beautiful! The design is so gorgeous, I can’t stop looking at it. I mean look at this golden stripes – hello Instagram! But not just that also the layout of the pages is simply beautiful, chic, elegant and simple. About the pages, you might have never seen the planner, so here are some details:

DSC_4669The Day Designer is not just a planner, it is also a little helper for your work on your big picture, your plan and vision. Doing so with a couple of pages at the beginning helping you to focus, think about your goals and analyze your passions, powers and principles. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

DSC_4674Every months of the year starts with an overview of the months on two pages. To be honest, my favorite pages of the whole planner and perfect for my editorial calendar! Since I am usually blogging from home, my Day Designer sits now on my desk – every time I look at it my heart jumps from happiness – where I use it mostly for my monthly blog planning. And I think that’s exactly what the Day Designer is made for: creative entrepreneurs working on making their dreams come true.

DSC_4681The rest of the days are designed with an one day per page layout, including one amazing feature: every day has a little corner filled with an inspiring quote – you know how much I love those. On Sunday’s like yesterday when I am spending the day at home but still have a lot of things to do, I use those pages helping me not to forget what I need to get done.

DSC_4662Now I know it my be decadent to have this expensive planner sitting on my desk and only be used for its monthly overview, but what can I say, I am super happy with that! I love looking at it, I love scheduling my posts with it and I am inspired just by seeing it laying on my desk. Also one thing I learned over the last planning years: your needs change! Not every months, week or day is the same. So who knows if I might need a planner with a lot of room to write down my daily task soon?

So now I am super curious, how do my lovely readers plan their day? Are you as planner obsessed as me?

And in case you are interested in the Day Designer, head over to the website to get a free daily planner page to try it out! Just in time to get ready for a May edition (coming out late April) and August edition – perfect for students – coming out this summer!




7 thoughts on “The Day Designer

  1. Super interessant wie du ihn nutzt….dann verglichen mit mir 🙂 Für mich ist er mein täglicher Begleiter, deshalb musste die größere Arbeitstasche extra her 😉 Ich nehme ihn zu jedem Termin mit: Dates mit Freundinnen, auf die Arbeit usw. vor allem die tägliche To-Do Fläche wird extrem genutzt. Die Jahresübersicht nutze ich genauso wie du, mein Editorial Plan…das find ich persönlich einfach perfekt!
    Liebe Grüße!!

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