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Quote Of The Week – She Is A Dreamer

Hello my loves,

I am dreamer. Big time. Always have. I still remember sitting in the car as a child driving down with my family to visit our relatives, looking out of the window, dreaming away in my day dream. I created my dream life, designed my own apartment, worked in my favorite job, had date nights with my friends – I still remember every single daydream I ever had! Or better say created.
I was a daydreamer. I still am. As childish or funny as this may sound, I admit that even know at night I dream myself into sleep…I dream the life I wish to have, I buy purses that I can’t really afford – such as THIS one -, work from my office – hello #SoThisIsWhatHeadquater, I live close to my best friends…the life of my dreams.

But the things is, as I got older the dreams I once dreamed actually became true. Such as So This Is What. For years I’ve been daydreaming about my bog, designing it and actually writing stories – all in my head. Well, it is REAL now! And one day the purse will be real as well, just wait and see 😉

She is a dreamer

I believe in dreams – and I have lot’s of them. And I believe that they have an amazing power. The power to motivate you, to guide you through life. I am all for dreaming, it is one of my best advice to figure out what you truly want in life. But I also know that dreams don’t work unless you do. You can dream all you want, if you don’t get your booty of the couch, they might not come true. I guess that is the only tipp for making a dream come true: ACT. If you want to buy that purse? Save money for it. You want to have this dreamy apartment? Start looking for it. You want to make blogging your business? Find ways to improve your brand and find out how to make money from it.

Now I can write all day about this, because in all honesty writing is easy compared to ACTION, but sometimes I wonder, how do I learn to make my dream come true? How can I get my booty from the couch? Again, I guess the answer is, just DO.

Or what do you think? Are you a dreamer like me? Did your dreams come true?

And if you are curios about my tips to actually get my booty from the couch, then stay tuned…



3 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week – She Is A Dreamer

  1. DREAMER!!! Aber auch ACTING! Ich finde Träume sind super wichtig, aber man muss Stück für Stück für sie arbeiten…das Wort arbeiten erinnert mich gerade an meinen letzten Post, da habe ich auch von Träumen gesprochen. ich bin auf deine Tipps gespannt! Liebe Grüße!

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