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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 5

Hello my loves,

and welcome to a new week! I hope you started good?! As far as for me, I started my day with a green smoothie – I want to test how that works as a breakfast for me -, already went to the university – fighting my exam-devils 🙂 -, picked up a package (hello Filofax inlays!) and am now back home drinking a cup of coffee and indulging in some chocolate. Sounds kind of busy, but doesn’t feel like it 😉

Last week my mom came for a visit – so much fun! We went shopping, we cooked, we went to the movies twice which is pure luxury for me, I prepared her birthday breakfast including pancakes & cupcakes, we drove up to the winter wonderland, we talked, we went on a run together and had lots of coffee. Simply – we had an amazing time!


What better way to start the new week than with a hot cup of coffee?


Flowers and a little bit of shopping ❤

IMG_0261Happy birthday mom!


Green smoothie! My mom loved it!


Since I got so used to having my mom around after just a few days, I needed a little journal session when she left. Nothing is better to get your thoughts out of your head than a little bit of writing.


Loving this new tea my mom gave me! Sleepy time.


Productive Sunday finishing up some projects – so excited to share with you!

IMG_0317And of course a little Sunday treat. Apple berry crumble. Still my all time favorite.


How as your week? And did you see yesterday’s freebie – the first and not the last here on my blog? If not, simply click HERE to check it out 🙂



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