FREEBIE: Don’t Let Yourself Get Hold Back

Hello my loves,

and welcome to my newest category “Freebies”. Oh just the word makes me all giddy. Because I LOVE freebies. It brings me so much joy to find freebies from bloggers – not because of this “yeah I am getting something for free”, but because it is amazing to see what ideas other creatives come up with and because I find it truly inspiring that in a world filled with consumption people still give things for free and share the love!

But back to today’s topic. As you know, the last months of 2014 a few things have happened that tought me quite a few lessons – such as that I started to listen more and more to my heart and to follow my inner voice, but read about it right HERE. There were two things in particular that I realized, especially while working with Soul Sessions by Dr. Danielle Dowling: How much I was living by fear and how I let myself get controlled by that and the opinions of others. And I decided to STOP. No more living by fear! But that meant I needed to get aware of my fears and when they came to play. So I made it my priority to reflect on my fears and all the things that were holding me back! Already I can tell you that it made my life so much better and easier. Because once you realize your fears and get aware of them, you can finally ACT when they come to play and work on minimizing them. And then you can ACT on making those dreams of yours come true.What held you back today

Now the best way to do so, is to make a habit out of it – such as with every other thing you want to reach in life, a daily repetition is the best way to go. To make it easier for you, I created a free printable: A reminder for you to sit down each day and think about the things that were holding yourself back. That could be a lack of sleep, an opinion of someone else, the fear of getting hurt or the fear of failing. It could be anything. But once you start to realize WHAT it is, you can ACT!


Download… right HERE!

Have a great start into the new week!



6 thoughts on “FREEBIE: Don’t Let Yourself Get Hold Back

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  3. I love this! What a great idea and I’m definitely going to download this and try to implement this in my life each day (I should journal every day and I try to, but maybe one page will be easier for me to tackle, lol). Thanks for sharing this Ronja!

    • I am so happy to Heat that you liked it! Journaling is a great thing-so healing! I try to write down my thoughts each night before bed but of course it is not always working 😊 But it is the willigness that counts! Have a great Sunday! XOXO, Ronja

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