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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 4

Hello my loves,

what a fun and exciting week! The past Monday showed me again how important it is to start the week on the right note – this time I defeated my fear about my upcoming exam, went to the library and published an amazing post, that I was so excited about: my review on Dr. Danielle Dowlings book “Soul Sessions” (find my post right HERE). The days stayed busy with work, meeting friends and working on upcoming post. One night I had the most amazing and inspiring talk (2hours…ups 🙂 )with one of my friends – I can’t wait for her to come for a visit pretty soon – which reminded me again how important it is to surround yourself with beloved ones that lift your spirit. The same happened throughout the whole week with lot’s of voice messages with my dear friend Jenny.
On top of it all I helped my friend to start her blog. We spend an amazing morning to find the perfect design for her and get the whole thing working. So much fun and creativity – I will share her link as soon as the first posts come online 🙂
Now it is Sunday and my mom is here! For the first time in what feels like a very long time my flat is filled with noise from another person – so amazing and yet so unfamiliar. It is interesting to see how quickly I got used to be living by myself, maybe even a little bit to used to.


I LOVE books that inspire me, get me thinking and working on myself. If you feel the same, then you might want to check out my post from Monday right HERE.


During a creative evening I started to make these tossels. So much fun!


Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow – happy Ronja.


My all-time favorites: Home made Chocolate Chip Cookies!


Such a tasty, fresh and energizing smoothie! Nom nom. Any one curious about the recipe? Let me know and I make a blogpost asap 😉


My favorite magazine of all times – Flow. Perfect with a cup of tea in bed.


In love with my new perfume “The One” by Dolce & Gabbana and favorite notebook of all times.

IMG_0234My late Christmas present arrived in this super cute bag! Can’t wait to get started with my new book next Sunday. Cheers to my spirit!

IMG_0238Already went on a run + bike ride with my mom this morning! So much fun. We even had a little bit of snow under our feed.

I wish all a great Sunday – in Freiburg the sun started to come out. And my mom’s chicken soup is about to be ready. Nom nom!



4 thoughts on “Bit’s & Pieces – CW 4

  1. Tolle Zusammenfassung und danke für’s Verlinken 😉 Irgendwie bekomm ich jetzt gar keine Meldung mehr, wenn sowas passiert…komisch…
    Ich hoffe, ihr habt euch zu zweit gut eingelebt und ich wünsche euch eine tolle Woche…vielleicht schaffst du es ja in der ein oder anderen ruhigen Minute eine kurze Voice zu schicken – ich würde mich freuen :-*
    PS: Still dreaming about THE office!!! 😉

    • Danke du Liebe! Vielleicht hat ja auch seine vorteile 😊
      Das werde ich auf jeden Fall versuchen!!
      Ich träume auch noch vom office…sogar echt ziemlich viel. Hoffentlich ganz bald!! We can do this. #powerfrauen

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