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World Of Inspiration – CW 4

Hello my loves,

ready for a new round of inspiration? It sure is a little mix today, but every single post truly got me inspired! And – drum roll – I started following the first male blogger who doesn’t only look good  but has some super inspiring words to say!


World Of Inspiration - Klappe 2

1) Honest Words

Within all the posts I read on a weekly basis, the ones I love the most are usually the ones that get a little more personal then the usual. The ones that dig deep. Such as THIS one from Emily, where she writes about the balancing act we bloggers, working people, moms&dads and students face. Even though I am far away from starting a family, I could rely on what she said. To me it is a balance between work, university, blogging, friends and family. And it sure is not that easy at times.

2) Criticism

For my german readers: As a blogger or even in general as a human their is one big and scary thing: criticism. Luckily I didn’t get in touch with any negative or even insulting comments here on my blog. But I know it is out their and I know that in case my blog turns into something bigger, criticism is going to be a part of my routine. Sad, but I guess inevitably. So I am preparing myself 🙂 For instance reading THIS amazing insightful post by Luisa. And don’t get intimated by its length, every word is worth reading.

3) A Kick To Improve Your Blog & Brand

For my german readers: As much as I like personal post – see Number 1 – I like posts that are all about improving your blog and brand. Just like THIS one from Carina. I was just scanning the post, when I noticed there was so much more behind it that I couldn’t just quickly read. A lot of inspiration and a lot of questions I want to find answers to. So incase you need a little kick to improve you blog even more, then make sure to head over to her post, and I advice to have a notebook and pen by your side 😉

4) Ever wondered about the difference between blogging and being a blogger?

Maybe it is just me but I always wondered if there aren’t inspiring blogs written by man out there. Well, I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally have found a male blogger. And not just anyone, no a great one! One that can dress himself, write pretty amazing texts, take great pictures and on top of all even shares his life story and tips with his reader. Just like THIS post, in case you ever wondered about the difference between blogging and being a blogger. It sure got me thinking about my own approach to my “baby” SoThisIsWhat and how I see myself in the future.

5) Be The Way You ARE

For my german readers: It is safe to say that over the last 2 years I slowly lifted one scarf after another. Scarfs keeping the real me hidden. Helping me to pretend to be someone I wasn’t – not all the time and with everyone, but still. And even know have sometimes struggle to share things I so desperately want to share, because, well, because I am scared. Scared of not fitting in, scared of being looked at. As hard as it is to write that, it is true. Luckily posts like THIS one help me to lift the last scarfs that are sometimes hanging in my way of being ME.

I hope you are all having a great, inspiring and creative week so far.



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