Hello my loves,

what better way to start into the new week than to share some love! Today in form of an amazing woman and an amazing book I was lucky to work with over the last couple of weeks.
As you may know my life has been filled with a little bit to much negative events during the last months. BUT those events have given me a great opportunity to grow and I tried hard to get the most out of them. Luckily I was not alone and had great help by my side: Soul Sessions by Dr. Danielle Dowling, which is what I want to introduce you in today! Today is for all the live lovers and personal growths fans out there, just like myself!


Dr. Danielle Dowling

You might not have heard about Danielle before, but I suggest you to go check out her website, where she shares her amazing, powerful and inspiring spirit with her readers. On top of that she has the most inspiring life story – but listen & read her own words right HERE.


Soul Sessions – The facts

Some facts about Soul Sessions, an e-book created by Danielle as “a 5 week guide to crafting greater joy + making big things happen in life”, which is exactly what it does. Five weeks, each week including five daily lessons – such as my favorites “Get grateful”,  “No room for sabotage – from within or without”, “Steer your emotions – bigger, braver, happier” or “Get sparkly clear on exactly what you want”. Though my favorite parts are the weekly podcasts on day one of each week. Some only a few minutes long, some over ten. Danielle’s voice is calming, yet at the same time empowering and motivating. Also included into the weeks are meditations “to help center and calm you” – You guys know that I’ve been working on my daily meditation for a while, so I loved the experience of the guided meditations. All in all you don’t just get a visual, but also an audio experience!
Little tipp: You can get lot’s and lot’s of freebies on Danielle’s page that work well together with her book, but also just by themselves. For instance a daily and weekly planner or a planner to help set your goals.


My experience

Since the book comes in form of a pdf-file, the first thing I did was print the whole thing out. And since I knew I wanted to have a great experience with it and keep it for a long time, I invested the money to get a binding. I can only highly recommend to at least print it out, because not only once there are questions and lines that need to be filled out. Also, who actually really likes reading for a long time at the laptop?! Another tip: You will need a pen and notebook always by your side – so many ideas were coming through my mind -hint, hint, you can find them at the end of the post – , so inspiring! Luckily I LOVE notebooks.
As I mentioned before, the book is intended as a five week guide, which I actually didn’t follow. I’ve been working with it since November, really taking my time with each lesson – and I am still working with it. Sometimes I put the book away for 4 days, simply because I needed that time to work on a lesson or let all my ideas and thoughts get settled. Sometimes an event happened in life that made me go back to another lesson in the past. But that is completely OKAY. To me it is not a strict guide – then I probably wouldn’t even have finished it. It is all about YOU and YOUR LIFE, so you should work with it the way it feels good to you.
As you may hear out of this post, I am pretty thrilled with Soul Sessions! Compared to lot’s of other self help books, this one is designed so beautifully, written in an easy & comprehensive way and filled with love – yep, you can feel how much love Danielle put in it.


Since I don’t want to simply tell you facts and go on and on about how amazing I find the book – which I do! – I thought I share a little bit of a more personal inside: Some of my notes I took while working with it!

Why do I sometimes prevent myself to fulfill my highest potential?

“Well-intentioned friends & family can present a formidable roadblock”….I guess they can. Not always. Not everyone.

Who is my tribe? You get’s the fire in me burning?  

The only one who can get myself out of the crisis is myself! 

I will abandon what I think I “should do” for what I “want to do”. I will take time to sit down and listen to myself. 

What ever is good for ME! 

At the end, you are the one that needs to live with your decisions. 

I need A LOT of time to myself. 

My biggest struggle: rereading what I wrote. So many lessons in my own words. 

The solution to almost everything is ACTION! 

Did I get you curios? Then head over to Danielle and check out her site – and psst…you will find a free download to a 12 pages sample at the bottom of the page!
Any more questions? Go ahead and ask them in the comments below.



* in friendly cooperation with Dr. Danielle Dowling

5 thoughts on “Review: SOUL SESSIONS

  1. Wow ich liebe diesen Bericht! Das hört sich mega inspirierend an und ich glaube, ich muss mir das mal genauer angucken! Hört sich nach etwas an, was ich auch gerne machen würde. Danke für die tolle Vorstellung!

    • Danke du Liebe! Ich fand das Buch wirklich super interessant, sehr inspirierend und anregend zum Nachdenken über sich und seine Umwelt 🙂 Mir kamen wirklich immer wieder Gedanken und Fragen in den Sinn. Und auch nach fast zwei Monaten blätter ich immer wieder in den einzelnen Lektionen umher 🙂 Guck dir am besten mal das 12-seitige Sample an, da bekommst du einen guten Eindruck 🙂

  2. Hallo liebe Ronja,
    ich hab das hier gestern gelesen und hab das ebook gleich mal bestellt! Musste Dich gleich mal in meine Reading List auf Isar Letters einbauen!
    Grüße aus München,

    Kitty xx

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