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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 3

Hello my loves,

oh hello sunny Sunday! I woke up this morning kind of early – 9.30h on a Sunday seems good to me – feeling a little bit under the weather at first. But then I opened my eyes, looked out of the window where the sun was saying hello and heard the birds chirping in the tree in front of my window – hello spring feelings. Guess what, motivation and energy were flushing through my body. Now I am sitting here, writing to you while secretly wishing to start going for my run – need to digest breakfast first 😉 –  and vacuum away the dust of the last days. What the sun can do to my mood!


Last Sunday I finally went on the first run this year – oh it felt so good!


A new notebook helped me to get motivated for my studies – final exam here I come!


Yes, sometimes I need chocolate!


I got an amazing deal at work for this jacket! And the best thing: I’ve been having an eye on it for months, but simply didn’t want to spent 70€ on it. P.S. You can also find it on sale online right HERE!


My Thursday was spent working on some projects and accomplishing my dreams, which is why my eyes look crazy and my hair was bundled up in a  high bun. Still I needed to take a selfie, because I got super excited about news from my friend Jenny – She redesigned her blog and it looks amazing! Go check it out right HERE!


Mh…smoothie! Love the innocent smoothies, especially mango&maracuja with some added water. Nom nom!


Today’s breakfast: back to the healthy note! Oatmeal and a coffee with almond milk.

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Don’t forget to relax and destress to get ready for the new week ahead.

And psst….tomorrow’s post is going to be all about making your life a little bit more sparkly. Little hint right here.



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