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World Of Inspiration – Spirit For The New Year

Hello my loves,

just as every week I’ve been collecting my favorite posts for you. After a while I noticed that the posts I was drawn to the most were all about starting the new year – fresh, full of spirit, organized, healthy. So welcome to today’s special edition:

New Year's Spirit

1) Fresh & Clean Start

For everyone out there who is in need for a fresh start, and with fresh I mean organized and decluttered, THESE words by Rachel are pure motivation! Come on, dive in and make sure to make some time to declutter!

2) Healthy & Fit

I LOVE making resolutions, plans and setting goals. I am this kind of girl that completely gets drawn in by the thought of a new plan – especially when in crisis nothing is better medicine for me than “Oh yes, I am going to do XXX and than everything will be amazing again”. Well, especially when it comes to health my “all in” approach is not exactly the best – thinking I can turn from no run at all to running 6 times a week? Not so realistic. Luckily THIS post showed up in my feed, which made me realize again that health & fitness is a lifelong goal, that needs to be treated as such. Step by step.

3) Review Of 2014

For my german readers: Throughout all the reviews of 2014 in my feed, there was ONE that stood out the most. So many beautiful words describing a story sounding so familiar to me. Word by word, sentence by sentence, my spirit got upliftted, leaving me with a positive and motivated vibe.

4) Evaluate Your Goals

While reading THIS I wondered if maybe that was one of my mistakes when setting up goals, besides the fact that there where pretty vague: I didn’t evaluate the goals I set up in the past. Luckily over on Caylee Grey there is an amazing series throughout January “Great Goals”. So in case you are still in need for some tips and tricks go check out her posts on it. And as for the post I am featuring today, she evaluates all her goals of 2014 the most personal way I have ever read on a blog. So as soon as this goes online, you will find me with my Day Designer putting all my goals in words.

5) Setting Up Goals

In case you still need some more motivation, last week I fell in love with this beautiful girl and her video. Pure motivation!




4 thoughts on “World Of Inspiration – Spirit For The New Year

  1. Mal wieder eine tolle Sammlung du Liebe 🙂 Ich kenn da übrigens jemanden, der sehr begeistert von dir ist…diese Person hast du vor Kurzem erst “kennengelernt” per Mail, weißt du wen ich meine?? 🙂

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