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Quote Of The Week – The Colors Of Life

Hello my loves,

this weekend I had a pretty amazing chat with my brother and he said something that I can’t stop thinking about. And because it always helps me to write it all down, here are a few of the thoughts that have been circling around my head:

Every Persom

Every person brings out a different color in you…

Because YOU are not just blue or grey or red or pink or yellow or orange. You are every color. And each person in your life triggers a different color. Don’t they? I know I am not always the same. At heart, yes. But there are little changes within. 
Some colors I like more than others. Some I can’t hold back, some I wish to be. 

But I wonder, if every person in life brings out a different color in me, does that mean that friendship & love are all about colors, all about the way you feel & behave around someone? So do I love that person or do I love the way I am around him? And if so, is that such a bad thing? Because in the end I want to be the best version of myself each and every day. And if someone triggers that in me, isn’t that amazing?
The question remains how do we find that person and how to we get rid of those toxic, dark colors people might also trigger within us?

Isn’t it our purpose to surround ourselves with the people that bring out the best in us? The ones that inspire, support, share, create, love, help. The ones sharing their most beautiful color with us.




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