No Phone – Such A Bad Thing?

Hello my loves,

as you may know I got myself an early present a few days before Christmas – an Iphone, a long wanted wish. As always it wasn’t all that easy to tackle the whole “my contract is coming to an end – what should I do?”-task (at least to me this question is never that quickly solved). It started off as easy as never before and seemed to be going pretty smooth. Checking my options, talking to my company, checking my mums opinion (even at the age of 24 I feel the need to check those things with her 🙂 ), signing the new contract and walking home with a new phone and sim card.

Which is when the trouble started: A non working sim card for almost four days including the weekend! DSC_4601

Why I am telling you all this? Because I keep thinking about this experience and what I learned from it. For the first time in a long time I had no phone, no way to communicate with my friends at least on the go (as soon as I was home the wifi worked), no quick call when I needed to talk, a lot of time on hand – especially in the train.

All off a sudden I was sitting in the train again and actually looking around me. It is surprising to see that barely anyone is looking out the window anymore. Heads down, facing the screen, even people that apparently knew each other. Do we even still notice the cute guy in front of us? Or the old lady in need for a hand to get out at her stop? Is the world behind our screen really that much more important than the people sitting in front of us?

The funny thing is not being able to communicate took of the pressure to constantly look at my phone. Even at home, where my wifi was working, I used my phone less and less.

How much more complicated meeting my friends turned out to be. Making fixed plans with a set time seemed to be frightening for a lot of people, including myself. But why do we need the possibility of being able to change our plans last minute? DSC_4602

After my card was working again I made it an effort to change my behavior a little step by step:

  • When I sit down in the train, I don’t take out my phone anymore. I look around. Let my thoughts pass while staring out the window. I get up when I see someone in need, because now I actually see them.
  • I answer texts when I want to answer them, feel for answering them, even though the blue check marks show that I’ve read the message.
  • When I go to bad I turn on the flight modus, knowing I won’t turn off my alarm the next morning already being confronted with the newest news. And I try to take at least 10 minutes before turning off the fight modus again. Waking up peaceful.

What I still struggle with and want to change?

  • To leave my phone in another room where it is not in my sight.
  • Instagram – always have to check the newest feed.
  • To actively turn off my phone. Just for an hour, to two or even one whole day. I can’t do it yet, but I hope in the near future I will be able to spent a whole day without phone.

When was the last time you turned off your phone?



5 thoughts on “No Phone – Such A Bad Thing?

  1. Schon sehr lange her, ehrlich gesagt bei unserem Rückflug von Amerika 😉 Es fällt mir auch unglaublich schwer mein Handy auszumachen, dabei wäre das Lernen z.B. soviel einfach dadurch…Instagram ist für mich auch der Magnet Nummer eins…ob ich das jemals lerne? Ich weiß es nicht! Aber dein Post ist eine tolle Erinnerung!

    • Danke meine Liebe! Oh die Rückreise, ich erinnere mich gut an deine Story 😉 Komisch wie “wichtig” das Handy, vor allem smartphone geworden ist, als ob es nicht ohne gehen würde. Oh Instagram…meine große Liebe ❤ 🙂

  2. Liebe Ronja,
    ich folge Deinem Blog so gern. Es macht Spaß zu lesen, wie Du auch auf der Reise bist. Wir haben ähnliche Gedanken und ich würde zu gerne einmal einen Kaffee mit Dir trinken – wir hätten uns viel zu erzählen.
    Zu meinem iPhone-Verhalten: Ich habe mir folgende “Regeln” überlegt. Unter der Woche checke ich mein Handy nur morgens vorm Frühstück, mittags zum Lunch und abends nach Feierabend. Ich beantworte WhatsApp, Emails dadurch viel konzentrierter und bewusster. Es entspannt mich persönlich sehr. Denn das Leben offline ist umso schöner als online. Herzliche Grüße und einen tollen Wochenstart, Aline

    • Liebe Aline,
      vielen vielen Dank für diesen unglaublich tollen Kommentar! Er hat mir direkt ein riesiges Lächeln ins Gesicht gezaubert und meinen Tag eindeutig nach oben steigen lassen! Du glaubst gar nicht wie sehr es mich freut, dass du so gerne meine Reise folgst. Amazing ❤
      Wo im schönen Deutschland bist du denn angesiedelt? Wer weiß, vielleicht ist ein Kaffeetratsch ja gar nicht so weit entfernt.
      Wow, du bist da ja wirklich unfassbar konsequent – Hut ab! Da nehm ich mir direkt ein Vorbild an dir. Ich werde versuchen in nächster Zeit etwas mehr offline zu sein….mal schon wie das so funktioniert.
      Ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Tag, xoxo Ronja

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