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YogaEasy Detox Challenge

Hello my loves,

wow…we are already one week into the new year! Does it feel like months for you too? As far as for me, I already started to loose track of my goals – especially when it comes to health&fitness, which needs to turn into a priority again, as soon as this weird cold is over (Can’t really go on a run, when you can’t really breathe, can you?!).

Luckily there is hope in sight: The 14 day Detox Challenge by YogaEasy !


I first read about it on (find german post right HERE) and then today I stumbled upon it again on JuYogi (find post right HERE) and I was sold!

The Detox Challenge by YogaEasy is a 14 day plan for free, beginning on January 10th. – amazing uh?! No money needed. It consists of daily video material from known Yoga teachers, tips about nutrition and recipes from Volker Mehl, a known Ayurveda chef.
I think it is the perfect opportunity to detox your body and get in a good spirit with yourself again after the big Christmas feast, which included lots of sugar, cookies and alcohol for me. But apart from the nutrition, I love even more that it is not just about food, but also about your body and soul – such as a spa day at home or an article change as a chance.

I am super excited to start this little project for myself and already marked it in my Filofax.


Two more days for you to sign up right HERE!

Of course I will keep you updated on my experience! And I am curious to know, anyone who got inspired to sign up?

Have a great day.



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