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Quote Of The Week – Down To You

Push yourself

There is one life lesson that I keep learning over and over again. I know the facts, I just sometimes struggle realizing it : PUSH YOURSELF, because nobody else is going to do it for you.
It is simply, isn’t it? And it is true. No matter the circumstances in life it is up to you to make something out of it. Breakup? YOU need to find a way that helps you. Stress with university tasks? YOU need to set up a plan, find needed help and get you booty from the couch and on the desk. Healthy and fit? YOU need to get moving, you are responsible for what you eat .
But you know what? It is so hard. I am not gonna lie to you. I wish I would be all pushing myself, but truth is, the last days were mostly spent on the couch in front of the TV (don’t sign up for Netflix…it is addictive), dreaming about my to do list and telling myself “I get productive after this show. Pinky swear!”
But one thing I learned over the years: I am not going to beat myself up about it. No negativity. Because it just doesn’t help you. Yes, I “waisted” some time on the couch, but aren’t I lucky that I was able to do so? And I believe my body needed some down time otherwise it wouldn’t have pushed me to be lazy. Sooner or later the everyday life will have me again, so I decided to embrace that I was able to do a little bit of nothing – actually I was pretty active on Instagram, that count’s right? : )

So what I want to say with all this? Yes, it is up to you to push yourself. That is the truth and it is going to stay that way. But we can’t push ourselves 24/7, we simply can’t. Sometimes we need a rest. And if you take that rest, please don’t beat yourself up about it. It is okay to be a little lazy sometimes!



5 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week – Down To You

  1. So So wahr!
    Man kann es nicht, aber trotzdem erwartet man es von sich selbst…push push push, bis man irgendwann nicht mehr kann!
    Aber manchmal muss und darf man einfach faul sein und es so richtig genießen!

  2. This is so true, though tough to remember sometimes, feels like it would be so much easier if someone could do it for you, but its satisfying when you get something done to know you were the one to make it happen!

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