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Hello my loves,

SKIRT’S – this might be a topic not everyone is talking about in Winter. But maybe you are like me and prefer wearing skirt’s in winter a lot more than in summer, apart from my favorite maxi skirt which I enjoyed so much in summer (you might know I am not the biggest fan, at least when it comes to fashion). I simply adore a look of a beautiful skirt, paired with nice wool tights and finished up with beautiful boots. Oh boots, they are actually my all time favorite shoe – I wish I could wear them all year around.


As much as I love skirts in winter, I actually don’t have that many options in my closet. So I was super excited when edelight approached me with a style guide for skirts that gave me lots of ideas to shop. Edelight is basically a platform where people all around the world share their favorite products found in online shops, so that you can discover quality products from stores you might not have known before. The concept did remind me a little bit of Pinterest, just a little bit more “shop”.
Apart from the style guide for skirts they’ve also created style guides for basics pieces, diy shoes and color combination – I still have to check those out. But for today I wanted to give you a little sneak peak at the style guide for skirts – you can find the free download  right HERE (it is in german, but maybe just the images themselves inspire you).




My favorite of the whole guide was definitely the idea to turn an oversized shirt into a skirt! I never thought of that before, but I do have some oversized shirts in my closet. I will give this a try asap!

I guess I know what I will be wearing tomorrow. But what are you – summer or winter skirt fan?



* in friendly cooperation with edelight

8 thoughts on “Style Guide SKIRT

  1. Den Skirt Guide habe ich auch schon bewundert – hat mich auf jeden Fall ein bisschen inspiriert, mal auch andere Röcke zu tragen. Die Hemdidee ist mir irgendwie zu selfmade 😉 Aber gerade Midi-Röcke trage ich supergern!

    • Kanntest du den Style Guide schon?
      Ja…ein bisschen selfmade ist es schon, aber irgendwie muss ich es mal probieren und schauen ob es zu mir passt. Vielleicht an einem lässigen Sonntag 🙂

      • Ja, ich hatte den mal vor ein paar Wochen zugeschickt bekommen. Aber da befand ich mich grade in einer Blogkrise und wollte nichts modemäßiges bloggen 😀

        Ist doch super, Hauptsache ausprobiert! Vielleicht bekommst du mich ja überzeugt 😉

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