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World Of Inspiration # 15

Hello my loves,

after three days sick in bed, I am finally starting to feel better and got up this morning, made my bed, had THIS for breakfast and decided to tackle a little to do list this morning. First thing: publish my post 🙂 So here we go, as every Wednesday a little bit of inspiration for you.

World of Inspiration

1) I Hate You, because…

For my german readers: Trust me, you need to read THIS from Maddie if you haven’t done it already. This madness of comparison. This hate and jealousy between women. I am so sick of it – excuse my words. Can’t we all just relax and focus on our own lives our on problems? And simply being present for your friends when they go through a rough time and also when the have one of their happiest moments ever. As much I dislike saying it, I also compare – not necessarily with my friends, but with lot’s of other people out there. But I made it a priority in my life a couple of years ago to stop comparing myself with others. And you know what, it works!

2) Who Do You Want To Be?

A good question that my friend Anastasia asked last week right HERE. Here is my answer: I want to be me. Me, just me. I finally want to let got of this fear and anxiety that is so often holding me back. I want to follow this voice inside. Because I trust that this little voice already knows exactly where it wants me to be.

3) Spread The Love

For my german readers: On the same note from Maddie’s post, Kristin form wrote a pretty similar post right HERE. Her focus in this topic: share and spread the love! All of us bloggers out there have similar goals and create beautiful stuff. We need to support each other as much as we can. Just because another person might be more successful, doesn’t mean that he or she is better than you. And never forget, you are not looking behind the curtains! You only get to see what ever someone wants you to see. So let’s share as much as we can! Let’s support each other. I am already doing the first step right here and now.

4) Your Vision

For my german readers: I am a dreamer. Oh yes. I have been my entire life. Here is a little secret about me: When I was younger (I still did it pretty often a couple of years ago) I daydreamed. All the time. I created little stories about my life, where I lived, who were my friends, what I was working and so on, that I continued “dreaming” about every night – like my own little soap opera. I have never questioned that or wondered if there was I higher sense behind it, until I read THIS post. And now I wonder, wasn’t I, at that young age, already building a vision of myself, my life? Maybe not the most realistic one one 😉  You know what I am gonna do as soon as this gets published? I am gonna sit down with my notebook and daydream. Oh yes! Any other crazy daydreamers out there?

Ohhhh…sidenote! It just started snowing here!! I am superdooper excited right now 🙂 You know how much I was craving snow!

5) What’s Your Why Not?

Last night I stumbled upon this video and it got me thinking. So many things are holding us back in life, fear, anxiety, insecurity, other peoples opinions, lack of support. For instance, this blog. It took me at least three years until it went online. Three years until I reached my “Well, why not?”.

Sometimes when I go over the collection of posts I marked over the last week, I usually notice some sort of pattern. And if I look closely enough it tells me a lot about my own thoughts that past week and what kept my head busy. And without my “World Of Inspiration” series I might not even get aware of it. That is exactly why I love these posts!

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “World Of Inspiration # 15

  1. Thanks so much for the feature Ronja!

    I love Maddie’s post as well (I had to use a translator as I don’t speak German and some of Google’s translation was a little off!) but it’s an awesome post! xx

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