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World Of Inspiration # 14

World of Inspiration

1) Forget Karma

No one makes better Sunday posts than Masha. Every single time I resonate with them. Always. Like last Sunday, when she wrote THIS. Why I am never in the present? Why do I color out my future with a million colors and let my present life appear in black, white and grey? It is time to wake up. Because NOW matters, the future on the other hand is just a construct from my own thoughts.

2) Quote Overload For Dreamers

You may have noticed by now how much I love quotes, or actually need them (hint: my weekly posts “Quote Of The Week”). Whenever I have a crisis or problem I turn to quotes. And immediately I start to feel better. Also yesterday, when I found THIS post filled with 10 quotes for dreamers. The one the spoke to me most?

Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.
– Alice Walker

3) New Beginnings

You know what makes me incredibly excited? When bloggers redesign their blogs, starting something fresh and new! I always get tickles in my tummy and can’t wait to scroll through every new page. Over the last weeks not only one, but two of my favorite bloggers relaunched their sites. And the changes Gina and Lina did are simply amazing in my eyes. So inspiring!

4) No More Competition

For my german readers: Blogging is a wonderful hobby, blogs can be a beautiful home. A home for YOU and all that comes with you. But as with everything in life, the more popular blogging gets, more negative aspects come to life. For instance: competition! But why are we competing, when we actually share pretty similar goals and have one big hobby in common? Luckily a few of us don’t and start to form tribes, supporting each other and become friends. The first step I took with my very very good friend Jenny – who wrote an amazing post about all of this right HERE. We started to comment on our blogs, switched over to mails, began to text on WhatsApp, started long talks on our phones and finally met two weeks ago. And guess what? It was great!

What are your favorites from the last weeks?



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