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Five Day Detox – Review

Five day detox

Hello my loves,

as you probably know by now, I’ve been doing a five day detox last week. And since some of you asked, I thought I would write a little review about – also for myself so I can return to this post in the future to remember what the detox was all about.

What detox did I follow?

For the detox I used the detox plan from Our Clean Journey – I bought it, I think, one year ago, so I don’t have the newest version, but I suppose the “rules” stayed the same. Since I already did the detox something around a year ago, it was not exactly something new – which made it a little easier in terms of shopping and trying out different recipes.
The detox isn’t one of these “only drinking juice” detoxes. It is vegan, clean, makes you drink lots of water, let’s you still eat regular meals (in terms of three meals a day), avoids toxin, salt and sugar.

NOTE: The plan from Our Clean Journey is written in german, but I think Nikki Sharp has written a similar plan in english – I haven’t purchased Nikki’s, so I can’t judge, but from what I heard it is pretty similar.

Why did I detox?

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t feeling very confident with my body the last weeks. I felt bloated, my skin tended to break out a lot more, I didn’t sleep that good, I was eating “bad” (of course bad depends for each person!) and most importantly was lacking energy.

What did I eat?

Breakfast: Instead of my usual morning coffee I started my days with a hot lemon, which I drank while getting ready for the day. Because I didn’t eat much for dinner and slept long hours I woke up super hungry and couldn’t wait long for breakfast. And just as usual I had my beloved oatmeal in the morning – without banana though. I cooked about 40g of oats together with one apple, adding in cinnamon and a teaspoon of coconut oil. And enjoyed them together with a cup of green tea. And I was ready for the day ahead : )

Lunch: My basic for lunch was quinoa, which I usually mixed with any kind of veggies I had at home – beetroot, cucumber, corn, tomatoes, mushrooms… and so on. I didn’t cook any of the recipes featured in the detox plan – I had tried many of them during my previous detox – and just got creative each time. I did tent to use garlic a lot more often then I usually do (which is almost never). It just gave the saltless food a little more fun – not sure if that was the case for my customers too : )

Snack: I did need a snack in the afternoon. With working for 9h and coming home late, I just needed a little pick me up in the afternoon. At first I had some fruits and nuts, but later in the week I made the detox cake (see below) which is from the actual plan and super yummy!

Dinner: Since I was working a lot, I wanted easy dinners that where quickly prepared and left some veggies for the next day. I simply made mixed salads and steamed some veggies that I could mis with the quinoa for the next day. Also I added some protein in from of chickpeas or lentils.





Of course it wasn’t all easy. But I have to admit it was a lot easier then the last time I detoxed – that time I had such a struggle not to use any salt. Twice I had moments when I just wanted to EAT – my cravings: brownies I baked with my bestie a day before I started, that were waiting for me in the freezers, and eggs – I so wanted a sunny-side-up egg on a piece of bread. Also I missed my cup of coffee so much. Not really because of the coffee – I don’t actually get an energy kick from it -, but because I simply looove sitting down with my coffee mug.

Any results?

As far as results, I did measure myself before and after the five days and it turned out that I did loose 2kg. Well, I am not gonna deny I was happy about it. But I was even more happy about my skin clearing up, the bloating going away, the energy I got and the better sleep. I guess I should mention, that I did not workout at all because during the five days, because I simply didn’t find the energy to do so after work.

Any tips?

I only have two real tips: Make sure that you are busy these five days, so that you don’t end up staring at your fridge the whole day – that would make it so much harder. And preparation is the key! No one wants to run to the store each day and get confronted with all of the other tasty stuff. Or find themselves super hungry in the middle of a date with a friend.  So prepare your meals, plan ahead and carry the food you need with you. Also in terms of your water intake, be sure to have a water bottle with you, so you don’t forget to actually drink.
What also helped was to tell my friends and family what I was doing. This way they new I wouldn’t be up for a burger feast that week. And don’t underestimate how great it is to get supported from your friends!

I think I mentioned everything I planned on mentioning : ) In case you have any other questions, be sure to comment below or write me at !
And for anyone of you who got curious, the team from OCJ is starting the five day detox today! So why don’t you join in and get some extra motivation through all the others who are detoxing for the next days?!

Have a great Monday!



6 thoughts on “Five Day Detox – Review

  1. Ich hab heute einen Saft-Tag eingelegt – der war dringend nötig nach dem Keksebacken am Wochenende 🙂 Mir persönlich fällt es leichter mal einen Tag gar nichts zu Essen als nur bestimmte Dinge essen zu dürfen 🙂 Aber ich freu mich jetzt schon soo auf mein Frühstück morgen 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

    • Ah cool, das von Yoga Easy? Ich hab auch überlegt da mit zu machen! Allerdings hab ich noch nicht so ganz raus gefunden was man bezüglich der Ernährung machen soll. Weißt du da mehr? xoxo

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