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Bit’s And Pieces – CW 48

Happy first advent to all of you!
I cannot believe it is my favorite time of the year again – I didn’t even make my advent wreath yet : ( But I already bought some Christmas presents : ) Today we can light the first candle, tomorrow we can open our first door and I can start reading my all time favorite children’s book again “Hinter Verzauberten Fenstern” by Cornelia Funke! In one of my very first post I already mentioned the book.

To be honest, not much happened this week – well in terms of events, but I did accomplish a few things. I was working a lot – money, money, money : ) -, but felt pretty uninspired coming home at night. Just as my friend said “Welcome to the working world”. I guess I will have to make a lot more use of my free days : )
Back to my accomplishments: Hello five day detox! I did it! Oh yeah. Feeling good about it. Stay tuned for a little review tomorrow : ) As I mentioned HERE I also started a little project “Soul Sessions” – it is too early for me to say much about it, but I admit it has been harder then I thought to stick to sitting down with it each day. But I decided to do it, so I am going to follow through with my decision. And who ever said working on yourself was easy?

Happy Times:

  • Lot’s of good chats with my closets friends and family.
  • Beloved ones are starting to return from adventures abroad – so excited!
  • A lot of sleep.
  • Today’s coffee after more then a week without it – did I ever mention how much I enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee?!
  • Christmas songs! – Yes, at work I had 9h of Christmas songs…I was a little annoyed at first, but quickly started to sing along.
  • Brownie baking with my bestie.
  • A dream about my city covered with the first snow…oh I was upset when I looked out my window and found no snow at all : (





I am excited for the new week to start!

Have a great Sunday night.



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