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World Of Inspiration # 13

World of Inspiration

1) Working Form Home

As a blogger and student, I spent a lot of time working by myself, without any boss and all on my own. Over the last year I developed a little addiction when it comes to posts with tips, tricks or the daily routines of other bloggers. Naturally I got super excited when I saw THIS post by Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere. Curious for a little insight of the daily working routine from a successful blogger? Then check out her post.

2) How To Create The Life Of Your Dreams

As always Anastasia’s post came right in time for me. I am in this “shift in life-phase”: I am almost done with my studies – only one final I need to take next year – and not sure at all about what to do in life. A big – super big – question mark in front of me. At first I was super scared, but step by step I realized that it is a big chance for me. I didn’t pass one of my finals and at first I saw it as a bug tragedy. But actually I was gifted with one of the best gifts: time. And in that time I have one main goal: To create a life of my dreams.

3) Long-Distance Relationship

For my german readers: I haven’t talked to much about it on my blog, mostly because I didn’t know yet what exactly to write about, but two months ago my bf went to Norway. Since then I’ve been trying to manage this temporary long-distance relationship. I am honest, it wasn’t always that good and I sure had/have difficulties with it, but as always I see it is a great opportunity to learn and grow. Still reading THIS post from Luise helped me great deal to see it all a little more clear and positive. And to be honest, it is just great to know that other people are having the same problems and are going through the same thing. So in case you know other posts or have some tips and tricks on hand yourself, please send me a little mail. I would be super grateful : )

4) Get Shit Done 

Somehow last night, I stumbled over Caylee’s Blog and fell in love with it right away. Especially THIS freebie was love at first sight. Already printed it out, punched it, added it to my Filofax and filled it out for today. Oh how much I love stationary : )


What your favorites this week?



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