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Quote Of The Week – Travelling

I forgot how important traveling is. Starting with the ride – especially bus or train. Those are the moments I can let go, think about whatever comes to my mind, look outside the window as the landscape passes by. One city after another. Freedom.
At the end of a ride, I am still me, but if you would look super close, you would see, something has changed. One little something in me is different, when I arrive at my destination. A new adventure begins. Even if I come home to the place I grew up and spent 20 years of my life. It is always an adventure. A change of scenery – and isn’t that the most healing one could do? Just by that I can feel the creativity making its way form berried somewhere up to the surface. New ideas come to my mind. I want to create, I want built, I want something new. I can feel my muse next to me. Inspiration is everywhere. Surrounded by friends and family or even making new friends. They give me courage. Their lives inspire.
I love, I am loved. I am happy. I am inspired. I am free.




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