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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 45

Hello everyone. I am sitting in the bus, on my way to Berlin. Two more hours to go, 9 hours behind. It has been a journey. In  terms of kilometers, but also in terms in my self. At least four hors I spent listening to my newest discovery:  Podcasts. Something I have never actually done before and, honestly, never understood the magic behind. Until now. What else did I do? I got immensly inspired by the Podcast and by myself, went soulsearching, wrote six pages filled with notes, asked myself a whole bunch of questions and took more then one nap. Now, only two hours away from home, I decided to create. Get something on paper – or actually on screen (feeling like such a “Blogger”, sitting in the bus with my laptop out, all concerned by the question of internet and if I can upload this post by the end of the day).

Last week I talked a little about my goal in November. I can’t quit believe that the first week of the month has already past. So many opportunities to follow my own ideas have past with me doing NOTHING. I could get all mad at myself, but I am decided not to. I choose peace. You can’t expect to be all in love with yourself after 7 days, can you? It is a progress, with ups and downs. The progress – that is something I struggle with, because when it comes to these things, I am so unpatient – ask my mom& dad, they probaply remember when I once wanted to colour my room right now and then and coudln’t wait one more minute. Nowadays I am a whole lot better with material things, but suck at the personal things – so unpatient. Well, but we are on earth to learn. So that is what I do.

Okay, I was getting carried away. So back to my actual intention for this post. As you know, I have been writing my Bit’s & Pieces post pretty much from the launch of So This Is What. At the beginning I focused on showing you bit’s an pieces of my week, mostly as a practice to work with my Nikon. I quickly grew out of it, because I simply couldn’t maitain this series while only using Nikon images – life got to busy. So I changed over to show you my highlights of each week via my Instagram pictures, since they reflect my weekly highlights and were easier for me to use. I was fine with that until about two weeks ago, when I started to grow out of that idea. So ere we are, relaunch II of my Bit’s & Pieces.

Bit’s & Pieces – The third is all about focusing what truly matters: The little things that make us happy. Well, I won’t always be able to show you that, but I can for sure write it all down:



  1. My speakers work wireless now!
    This might be a funny thing, but it made me so very happy! Last year my bf bought speakers and so far we’ve only been able to connect them with a super short wire to laptop/phone/Ipod. But working on my laptop and using that short wire was not working, but listening to music with my laptop and at the same time working on it, drives me nuts. I simply can’t work well then – you know what I mean? Luckily I invested 30€ and am now one happy little home office worker.
  2. My mom.
    This last week – and also before, kind of for ever – my mom has been a great support for me. And I am so very thankful to have such a great mom! She was there in times I needed her, listened to my emotional talks, gave me advice and inspired me. Mom, you are the best!
  3. Home sweet home.
    This time not my home in Freiburg, but my home-home. Berlin.
  4. Fall.
    Especially sunny days, colorful leaves and hot tea.
  5. Black Coffee.
    I started to drink my coffee black, no milk. Something I’ve always been attracted to and wanted to make a habit myself – again, no idea why. It seems that I have these weird ideas or idols. I am never sure where they come from, but slowly they all become real. Some examples: journal writer, runner, blogger, black coffee drinker. So now, as usual one espresso with some brown sugar in the morning, a cup of simple black coffee after lunch and for “special occasions” a Latte, Cappuccino or ay kind of milky coffee- in case you were curious.
  6. The Good Life ProjectPodcast.
    I think I found it. My go-to inspiration. My teacher. Not more, this deserves a separate post!



So my friends, what simple things made you happy? Maybe coffee with milk? : )
Have a great start in the week and sty tuned for a super long book wish list!



3 thoughts on “Bit’s & Pieces – CW 45

  1. Ich finds irgendwie “niedlich”, dass du dir vornimmst, Kaffee ohne Milch zu trinken, um jemand zu sein, der Kaffee schwarz trinkt. 🙂 Ich kann das nämlich 100%ig nachvollziehen, ich hab auch oft so Vorstellungen von etwas, das ich sein will. Ohne genau sagen zu können, wieso!
    Ich trinke Kaffee auch oft schwarz, meistens sogar ohne Zucker. Mit Milch ist es mir oft zu viel, ich bin dann schnell satt.

    Was mich glücklich gemacht hat: Ein toller Sonntag mit Frühstück im Café, Spaziergängen, leckerem Abendessen und meinem Freund, der auch gleich ein paar Dinge an meiner Wohnungseinrichtung verändert hat.

    • Haha…jetzt wo du es so sagst, klingt das schon ein wenig merkwürdig : ) Keine Ahnung wo das herkommt, aber ich bin froh, dass du auch manchmal so Vorstellungen hast! Ich hab aber auch tatsächlich das Gefühl, das mir der Kaffee ohne Milch besser bekommt…vielleicht ist das aber auch nur Einbildung um den “Vorstellungen zu entsprechen”.
      Ach das klingt aber auch wirklich nach glücklichen Zeiten. Spazieren gehen ist wunderbar, vokalem mit toller Begleitung!

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