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World Of Inspiration # 12

Wold of Inspiration


1) Finding Your Creative Tribe

I think it is safe to say that I have a blog crush. Whenever I turn to Jen’s blog, I sit there saying yes yes yes to every word she writes. But this Saturday I raed my all time favorite of here posts.

As a somewhat new blogger, I quickly felt the urge to make new friends from the “blogger world”. I love each and every one of my friends-they are the best and more than I could ever wish for. But none of them is into the blogger world. They support me as much as they can, but still there are certain aspect I feel uncomfortable sharing with them. Luckily over the last months I made my first e-friend: Jenny. I am super happy to have her as the first in my tribe – actually my bf counts as eel, so two in my tribe.

2) Taking Outfit Posts – Tips And Tricks

Are you looking for some tipps and tricks to shoot nice outfit pictures? Lucky you, because last week Vicky and Kathi shared theirs right HERE. Let’s get the camera’s out…ready, set, goooo.

3) The To-Do List

Be honest, you make lists? Don’t you? Doesn’t every one? As far as for me, I am BIG into lists….and the stationary that comes with it. So naturally THIS post could only make me super happy. A post dedicated to to-do’s! Well the only regret I had after reading the post, was that reading this post was not written on my to-do list!

4) Live Your Dream

For my German readers: Another german blogger is going the step – the big one. Following her intuition. Living her dream. Reading about Kristin’s change right HERE was such an inspiration. And maybe it will inspire you too.

5) Celebrating 4 years

On the same note DariaDaria by Maddie turned 4. Due to that, Maddie shared a video in THIS post in which she talked a little about her journey. I always love to get a little inside of the success stores from young entrepreneurs.

6) A Life To Go

For my German readers: “Multitasking. We are all multitasks. Drinking coffee while checking Instagram. Driving to work while talking to our mum on the phone. We want it all, but please right now. No waiting. Moving moving moving. Standing still – what is that?”
Those were just a few of the thought I had while reading THIS amazing post from Rabea in which she described our lives to go so fittingly.


I was pretty inspired the last seven days and I felt I could write more and more into this post, but sometimes a girl has to prioritize; ) What inspired you?



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