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A Nap Against Negativity

We all have these moments: When our thoughts, our mind go crazy about something negative that has happened. This could be a bad grade for an exam, a fight with your boyfriend, a bad job interview, a discussion with a friend, negative comments on your blog, someone telling you your are not smart enough/stupid/ugly. We all have those moments. And when you’ve been over and over those thoughts, analyzing like crazy and tried so many ways to feel better, there still one thing:


But, don’t push away your thoughts before. Sit down and deal with your emotions. Listen to your own voice – I know this can be hard. But try to listen without judging your own voice. Just listen to what you have to say, just as if you would listen to your friend. Until one point. When you start to get tired and restless, then it is time for a nap. To restore you energy and bring back your focus. And what to do after taking a nap? Enjoy a hot shower. Breath, wash away this negativity. When you are all dried up and cuddled up in comfy clothes, make some tea. And then do whatever inspires you. Some of my options: an inspiring book, meditation, creating new blog content – like this one right now, guess what, I just came out off the shower after my nap -, watching one of Gabrielle Bernstein‘s video, writing my journal.

What do you do in those very bad moments, when you can’t stop thinking and analyzing about the negativity?



4 thoughts on “A Nap Against Negativity

  1. I LOVE this idea – napping is so therapeutic, especially when your brain is all tired from over thinking! I also like to shower and alternate hot and cold water – something about the temperature change is so soothing on the head! xx

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