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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 44

Oh hello there SUNDAY! My big love. And finally I have you back. Just this morning I made a big batch of pancakes…it turns out it has been 9 weeks! since I made them last. I was shocked…for nine weeks I did’t have time to make my favorite Sunday breakfast? Well, luckily I think those days are over.

As promised last night – find my nightly creative outburst HERE – I already went for a run today. Not the best, longest or sweatiest one, but the most spiritual. I was so drawn to the sun, that I interrupted my run – something I normally don’t do – and sat down in the grass, guiding myself into a beautiful meditation. Very refreshing! And it turns out it was the best thing I could do: Afterwards I was walking back home, picking up some beautiful leaves and as every time that I’ve been out for run after moving in with my bf one year ago, I passed this place. For over a year I’ve been drawn to it…something so magical about it, but I never stopped my run to discover it’s beauty. Until today. Can you fall in love with a place? I think I just did. This place, which is actually a church surrounded by a little garden…so beautiful and magical! I know I want to take pictures there, I’ve known that for over a year, I just still don’t know how to capture its beauty. One day will.

So far it has been a beautiful Sunday, let’s see what else you have in store for me!

IMG_20141027_094922Starting my week with some delicious juice, coffee and some work.

IMG_20141028_081903One of my favorite quotes ever – more about it HERE.

IMG_20141030_094617Coffee makes me happy.

IMG_20141031_103103And flowers too : )

IMG_20141031_215428This week has been filled with long working hours. The most relaxing things: my bed, a hot chocolate and some YouTube videos to binge on.

IMG_20141102_125223From today’s run.


I hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend!



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