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Goals Of The Month: NOVEMBER

I never thought this would happen, but here we go: A no make-up picture! Huray! But who feels for putting on make-up at 9pm with his pj’s on – yes on a Saturday night and I love it – and so many thoughts to tackle? Not me!


Due to recent events or better say thoughts, I realized that it was that time again: time to change! It is save to say that I let myself go over the last months. My finals were enough to keep me busy. Step by step I slipped more and more into bad habits, building up old habits – that I’ve been so proud of breaking over the last two years. I always had an excuse “Oh, I am so stressed of my finals, I can eat that cake/watch this TV show/not blog today/don’t go for a run”. For that moment it was completely okay with me. I didn’t realize that I was falling back into bad habits, reaching the peak after my bf went to Norway for two months. Suddenly I was home alone, forced to entertain myself 24/7, something I wasn’t used to anymore.

Now, I can’t say that I am unhappy, but I did loose my spirit (as my bf calls it) and stopped loving myself, because I am doing things I dislike such as TV binge watching. In my eyes it is one of the worst habits our generation his facing. I don’t mean watching lots of TV once in a while, I mean watching endless hours of TV because of being bored or to scared to face your own life/thoughts. So doing stuff that I actually disapprove off could only lead me to stop loving myself. But life as proven me: only if I love myself, I can love others and embrace their love and happiness.

Lucky me, November just started today. So what better way to turn this into a monthly goal! Love yourself before you love others. How? I did think off a few ideas:



It is no secret, sport does the trick. It releases endorphins, makes you happy and feeling good about yourself. So, sport needs to be included into my weekly routine. Starting tomorrow with a run. Promised!

I’ve been meaning to share my book wish list with you for over a month…so far still no post. But my list is long and I want to start to tackle it down. Already, I have three books on my bedside table: The Secret, Daily Routines and The Happiness Project (Yes, I still haven’t finished it).

No Binge TV
I already told you how much I dislike it. Actually I see it as a waist of time. Valuable time that can be used to create amazing things. No more of it!

Apparently I turned from someone thinking “I am not a creative person” into an artist – feels weird to say so, but I do think blogging is an art, isn’t it? During my recent break from blogging and also this week with so much work and no time spend creating, I finally allowed myself to say it out loud: Creating makes me happy and not doing so makes me miss a big piece off myself.
No creating=not the real me.

As it goes with binge TV, I end up NOT listening to myself at all! Over the last weeks, I often found myself turning my lights off at night only to lay there, restless with so many thoughts, that had been pushed off while I lost track in front of the TV. No fun.

I hope both those two will help me to listen&think. Back in 2012 I’ve been through a tough time and I still remember my best friend giving me the advice to write my thoughts down. Up to that point, I’ve always wanted to be a journal-writer. It had been a wish during my whole childhood – no idea why. But I’ve never done it, because I didn’t like my hand writing, which disturbed my sense off “journal perfection” – I know, sounds a little stupid. After my friend gave me her advice, I gave it another try – a little older and a lot wiser. And guess what, so far I filled at least six journals. The last year though I’ve usually only turned to my journal in a bad time. But why not write in good times too? So back to the beginning, a few lines each night.
As you probably know, I highly think of mediation, I just still didn’t make a routine out of it. Which is going to change, starting right now.

Healthy Food
Luckily I am not alone in this one: Kristin from eattrainlove.com started a Clean Eating Challenge today. 30 days of clean healthy food with at least one home cooked meal a day. Inspiring each other under #CCC. I am in.
(Note: Her post is in german, but if you are interested let me know and I will write a separate post about it. I might do it anyway : )

Oh my friends, I have goals. Lot’s of them. Some reaching so high, I would probably get all dizzy reaching them. BUT I want to reach them and I will! No more “I am not god enough/pretty enough/smart enough”, no more being scared, no more thinking what others say (Hello, no make-up selfie!). Oh, yes, I am on!

Meeting With Myself
This idea is pretty much bundling all the previous ones. I want to have a meeting with myself. Simply sitting down or going on a walk with nothing left as myself. Why do I have coffee dates with my friends, but not with myself? I just had one today (which brought me to this post) and I realized it again: It all comes from inside of us! The power, the happiness, the courage. It is all in us. But we have to listen!


Well my friends, this has been a somehow very personal and urgent post, but I hope I could inspire you. Maybe you are feeling off as well and find some of the ideas helpful. Or if you are super happy with your life& yourself right now, maybe you have some inspiration to share? Please feel free to leave a comment below or reach me via ronja@sothisiswhat.com

Have a great Sunday.
Lot’s of LOVE.



5 thoughts on “Goals Of The Month: NOVEMBER

  1. Liebe deine Liste und schließe mich direkt an 😉
    The Secret will ich übrigens auch schon seit einiger Zeit lesen. Danke fürs Erinnern, werde ich mir jetzt definitiv mal zulegen 🙂
    Wünsche dir viel Erfolg beim Erreichen deiner Ziele!!

    xx Rabea

    • Oh das freut mich! Dann rocken wir das gemeinsam : )
      Ich finde das Buch echt super und will unbedingt eine review schreiben, aber irgendwie kann ich das ganze noch nicht in Worte fassen. Erstmal muss ich es auch fertig lesen.
      Genieß deinen Sonntag! !
      Xoxo Ronja

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