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World Of Inspiration # 11

Wold of Inspiration

1) Today I Noticed Something

For my german readers: Aren’t we all trying to find our way? Battling against others, figuring out what we love, following the group pressure, rebelling against it? But in our hearts we all know who we are, don’t we? We all have an image of ourselves, the way we feel. It just gets clouded up from time to time. So let’s push away that cloud. Le’t shine.
What inspired me to write this, was THIS post from Luise. Her writing is amazing!

2) Mondays Aren’t So Bad

What a great post to read on a Monday! So inspiring to set up for a great and successfull week. Even though it is Wednesday now, I still believe we can all use a little motivation for the rest of this week. Are you in need for some motivation? Then check out THIS post from Rebecca.

3) Nomnom…Popcorn!

For over 3 years a popcorn maker was standing in my kitchen, getting all dusty and forgotten about – I assume I used it maybe once or even twice. But after seeing THIS post I will definitely get my popcorn maker out this weekend – I only need a good cleaning wipe to get off that layer of dust. As a first try, marple and pecan sounds pretty good to me!

4) Dreams Of The Generation Y

For my german readers: It seems that Jenny and I were kissed by the same muse yesterday, at least our posts addressed the same topic. Dreams, accomplishment, work, working girls, power women, fear, success and a lot more in Jenny’s post right HERE.

5) Blogging Burnout

On a little heavier note, Emily wrote HERE  about something you don’t get to read on a lot of blogs: Blogging burnout. It sometimes seems as if being a blogger is all sugar, sparkles, bubbles and pink confetti. It’s just not. As with any creative field you can easily get stuck in a routine and find yourself with no inspiration. I know that myself, because just recently I was in exactly that position – not even a little flame of inspiration or creativity inside of me. Lucky me, I don’t blog for a living and could take some time off – which didn’t not come easy to me at all and left me feeling empty inside – but I had the opportunity to take a break. And that’s just it, sometimes we need to take break in order to start fresh.


What inspired you the last weeks?

Happy Hump day!



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