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Quote Of The Week – Oh Steve!

Steve Jobs 1 Last year (Edit: Haha…as if last year. It was this year! The mind is a funny thing : ) while I was writing my thesis, there was one day that I was working from home with the bf. I still remember that I had no motivation, I was restless and felt insecure about what I’ve had written. I turned to my boyfriend and asked him for some sort of motivation – expecting him to be all cheering for me. He was pretty busy himself, but he sent me a link and said “Watch this!”. And I did. Which is when I fell in love with Steve Jobs or at least his success and early years of starting Apple. You might know his famous speech for the graduates at the Standford University. You don’t? Than please invest 15 minutes and get ready for a very strong motivation boost!   Well, what can I say? I had a great working day after watching it! Now whenever I need some sort of motivation I turn back to this video and within these 15 minutes I feel as if I can do anything. Reach any of my dreams. Show everyone how amazing I am. Fight back. Don’t care what anyone else says. Oh this speech makes me feel so powerful! Like nothing else. So only naturally it had to be shared with you! Do you have any sort of motivation-kick that you turn back to over and over again? Please share in the comments below. Such a great thing – motivational kicks. Because, let’s be honest, we all have these days when we feel we cannot accomplish anything. “Yes, We Can!”. I believe that everything is possible. We can have it all! How? By naming our goal and working our asses of. That is something I learned: It doesn’t work, until you do.   Steve Jobs 2 Let’s do it! Reach for your dreams!



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