Wedding Bliss ♡

A couple of weeks ago, I packed my bags, left Freiburg and traveled to my family. Not just for a family weekend, but to attend a beautiful wedding from my friend. Two, or actually three, days of pure wedding bliss, starting with the wedding-eve party//Polterabend as a little garden bbq just a few hours after I arrived. It was beautiful decorated – especially the flowers during the whole wedding made an impression on me…they were so harmonized. After this first long night spend chatting over candle light, the real wedding began. The church, the bride walking down the aisle, the matrimony, coffee&cake afterwards, my cousin brother&me secretly decorating the hotel room of bride and groom and of course a long night of partying!

The  wedding-eve party // Der Polterabend






The Wedding Day







My favorite moment – apart from the bride walking down the aisle – has to be the moment every guest let go of the balloons that he attached a message on before. Believe it or not, my uncle’s made it almost 600km to Austria and was sent back to the bridal pair by the finder.

This whole weekend was magical and for the first time, actually made me imagine my own wedding.



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