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World Of Inspiration #10

Wold of Inspiration

1) Comparing Yourself With Others

Anna wrote very true words in THIS post. I think we all tend to compare ourselves with others. Sometimes more, sometimes less. And sometimes too much to be happy. I am no different. But I think over the last years I managed more and more to use this comparison to rise and not to fall. But to be honest it did need binge eating more than once.

2) A Better Bedtime Routine

It seemed to me, that over the last week I ended at least 9h of sleep to really fresh up. In general not a problem, but somehow I ended up having a rush of energy after 9p.m. and ended up going to bed at 12 or spending way to much time watching youtube videos. That had to change, so I decided to set an alarm on my phone going off at 21.30h each night, to remind me to close my laptop, get ready for bed, prepare for the next day and spent some minutes reading in bed. THIS post by Jenny inspired me a lot and helped to take care of my bedtime routine a little bit more serious.

3) Tips Against the Regular Disappointments Of Life 

For my german readers: As I told you guys yesterday, I didn’t pass one of my exams two weeks ago. The best tip I can give you? Find someone who has been going through the same. I was so happy to hear that my friend Jenny had experienced the same when I called her that day (of course I wasn’ t happy that it had happend to her as well – it is nothing I wish for anyone – but I was relived that I was not alone). Just being able to exchange my thoughts with a friend who know what it means not to pass an exam helped me a great deal. So incase you are experiencing the same and don’t have someone within your friends and family who know WHAT it really means to deal with that, you can always reach out to me. Because in the end that is exactly what I love about blogging. Reaching out to each other.

4) Start Before You’re Ready

I am sorry, I cannot resist, I have to feature one of Anastasia’s post again – Yes, I am a fin. Big time!

There will never be the moment when you can say ” I am ready”. You will always be busy, occupied, worried. I know it very will, since I am great in putting those things first – imagine it took me about 3 years to start blogging. But if you always put things up first, you will never DO what you actually are DREAMING about. So make room, right now and here. START. And if you need more inspiration read Anastasia’s post right HERE.


Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “World Of Inspiration #10

  1. Mein Lieblingspost….ich liebe Mittwoch! (ähm die Mehrzahl von Mittwoch?? Ich bin überfragt :D) Danke das du mich verlinkt hast, das ist ja wirklich zuckersüß. Dieser Post bedeutet mir auch wirklich viel und ich hab einfach mal alle meine Gedanken runtergeschrieben! Ganz liebe Grüße!

  2. Thank you for sharing my post, beautiful! I really appreciate it and as always, you’ve found some great links! I LOVE Anna’s post on comparing yourself to others!


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