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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 40 and more

Puh, it has been a while since my last Bit’s & Pieces. I missed them, because I love writing them a lot – well actually I love all my posts, since they all come out of my heart & soul (I know, sounds weird, but is true). 

So my last weeks bit’s and pieces? It has been quite an up and down. I have no idea when was the last time I felt this terrible at times. STOP. I don’t want to go on and on about the bad times, I want to focus on the good. And their are quite a few things that made me happy:

  • One of the best moments was last weekend when I packed my bags to head to my family and celebrate a wedding – the promised pictures will come soon! I had so much fun with everyone around and taking pictures during those 3 days.
  • Flowers. Always brighten up my mood.
  • Breakfast. I think it it my favorite meal of the day.
  • My Filofax. I’ve been totally going crazy watching YouTube videos about how people set theirs up. Yes, I know, this is a weird thing. But I love it : ) Sadly the button of mine broke, so I had to send it in and am left with a not so pretty black one from the store. Now it is time for patience – not my strong side. But until then I am planning something fun! At least if you are as crazy about all things #filofaxing as me.
  • Golden paper clips. I’ve been on a hunt for them.
  • Let’s stay with the stationary. A free template form The Day Designer. Oh, yes please! I just love that planner. Good thing I have the best friend ever- so excited!
    You can get the free template HERE, you only need to sign up with your mail address and they directly send the pdf to you. 
  • Smoothies. Nomnom.
  • Coffee. No more words needed : )
  • The two plates I secretly “stole” from my aunt before the “Polterabend”. Love them!













What are the little things tat make you happy?



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