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World Of Inspiration # 9

Wold of Inspiration

1) Homebody

You want to learn more about me? Then read THIS post, in which Rebecca wrote so nicely about herself and how much she loves to stay at home and enjoys time on her own – which I completely agree with. Only over the last years I started to accept that I am not “this party girl” that I pretended to be the first years at university. And truth is, I love it that way!

2) Proud To Be Boring

For my German readers: Very similar to Rebecca’s post was THIS one by Franzi, in which she addressed pretty much the same topic. It seems to me that I am by far not the only one who enjoys a good time by herself, “boring” for others, but amazing for myself.

3) A Letter To Everyone Who Has Been Told That They Can’t

Last night I was feeling halfway asleep while reading through some of my 653 (!) unread post, when Anastasia’s words completely woke me up. THIS post is written with such a force, such a passion, written by a true fighter and written for anyone out there who is battling with fulfilling their dream. Are you in doubt, worried, anxious? Then her post is the exact medicine you need! No sugar cote, true words that immediately inspired me! Bähm! This is me. Here I am!

4) …Something You’ve Never Done

THIS is not exactly a post, more the quote that is featured in it. So logical, yet sometimes so difficult to do.

5) 13 Rules For A Happy Life

“Run you own race, always” wrote Jenny in THIS post. Definitely something I’ve been struggling to do the last weeks and high on the list of things I want to focus on the following weeks. My goals, my life, my race.

I hope you all enjoy this sunny Hump Day!



7 thoughts on “World Of Inspiration # 9

  1. Oh my gosh, thank you SO MUCH for your kind words – and I’m so glad my article resonated with you! I definitely wrote that one with a fire in my belly and passion pouring out of my brain! xx

  2. Danke für die Links!
    Ich bin zwar gerne unterwegs, geh feiern (und auch mal zu viel) und liebe lange Kneipenabende.
    Aber genauso gern bleibe ich zuhause und mache es mir gemütlich. Das musste ich mir auch erst eingestehen! Ich brauche sehr viel Zeit für mich, um mich wieder aufzuladen und Kräfte zu sammeln. Und das ist superschön!
    Nur – allzu lange kann ich nicht zuhause sein (weil ich eben auch im Home Office arbeite und so), sonst fällt mir die Decke auf den Kopf. Dann sag ich explizit zu meinen Freunden, dass wir uns “draußen” treffen müssen 😉
    Beides muss irgendwie im Gleichgewicht sein.

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