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Quote Of The Week – Start Fresh

Hi my loves. I am back. The last two weeks have been very stressful, emotional and exhausting. 14 days in a roller coaster. I wasn’t my true self, I was exhausted, maybe even a little depressed or better say, very close to my tears. The pressure was on. The creativity was gone.

I didn’t exactly intend to take a break from blogging and all other fun activities I love doing, but my exams kind of forced me to do so. Two of them were scheduled with only a couple of days in between and on top of that I had to hug my bf goodbye, since he will spend the next two months in Norway for work (I am no good in saying goodbye, but I am getting better : ) – see HERE) . So I did, what I had to do: I cleared all “unimportant” appointments and focused on the most important thing – my exams, of which not both were a success.

Start Fresh

Apart from “clearing my schedule”, I also packed my bags on Friday to travel to my family to celebrate a friends wedding (more about that in a couple of days – get ready for some beautiful wedding decor!). There, I finally had the break that I needed so much. I wouldn’t be me, if I wouldn’t have spend hours thinking, refreshing, writing and planning. And no better place to do so than in the train, or what do you think?

Well, now, 14 days later I can honestly say that I was in need for a couple of days off to. Take a break – start fresh! Exactly what I did. The tears are gone, the hair got short (finally after 6 months I made it to the hair dresser), the mood went up, new plans were made and a lot of ideas were scribbled down. I refreshed.

One of my new ideas is to integrate breaks in my daily life. I am just not so sure how to do that and how to form that break. So I thought I ask you, my amazing readers – I am so happy and grateful that you are there! – do you agree with Take a break – start fresh? Did you find ways to integrate these times in your daily life? I was thinking about setting specific times to “think” – about my goals in life, the upcoming weeks and reflecting what has happened the weeks/days before.

I am super happy to be back with writing&blogging and excited about what’s to come. I hope you are all doing well!



P.S. Just now, after writing this, I remembered THIS post I wrote back in April. It seems I was in a very similar situation back then – lot’s of pressure, comparing myself with others and not listening to my Inner Me. I actually got inspired by my own words right now. Funny.

7 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week – Start Fresh

  1. I know such times, too. Usually, it helps to step back and take a deep breath. If possible, travelling is the best solution for me to forget daily routines and trouble makers. :-). When reading your post, I had to think of those words from Frank Sinatra: “Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.”

    • You are right, traveling is the best to take a step back – especially traveling to the sea! Thank you so much for sharing Frank Sinatra’s words! I loved them! Already copied them in a little inspiration file on my laptop : ) xoxo, Ronja

  2. Ich freu mich so, das du wieder da bist 🙂 Ich bin ja auch nicht so der große Held im “Pausen integrieren”, aber manchmal merke ich einfach wenn ich genug habe…und dann mache ich nur noch Dinge die mir gefallen oder versuche mal einen Tag lang nichts zu machen. Es ist oft schwierig umzusetzen, aber es hat einen enormen Mehrwert für den Körper!! LG

    • Und ich freue mich, dass du wieder da bist: ) Pausen mache ich schon, aber oft diese “unproduktiven” Pausen, weißt du, wenn man so vor sich hinlümmelt, was einen oft aber noch träger macht. Naja, ich arbeite dran : )

  3. Ich finde es auch oft schwer Pausen zu machen, allerdings werde ich auch genau dazu einfach gezwungen, aber dann eher unfreiwillig in ähnlicher Form wie du es beschreibst. Im Moment läuft zumindest ein für mich eher wichtiges Praktikum, welches auch unglaublich viel Spaß macht, trotzdem bin ich super kaputt und schaff dann die Dinge wie schreiben etc nicht. Deshalb hab ich gerade in diesem Moment einfach eine Pause eingelegt, bin nicht noch zum Sport gefahren und nutze diese gewonnen 2 Stunden einfach zum relaxen, Blogs lesen und denke mir, morgen ist auch noch ein Tag an dem ich alles geben kann, doch dafür brauche ich auch Energie und Zufriedenheit, die ich nun ganz bewusst tanke.
    Liebe Grüße.


    • Danke für deinen super lieben Kommentar!
      Es geht uns beiden ja ganz ähnlich. Bei mir ist es die Lernerei, die gerade die Zeit killt. Aber ein Glück nur noch drei Wochen : ) Dann schaff ich es sicher auch wieder Sport besser zu integrieren! Solange mach ich es so wie du, geh es easy an und plane “Erholinseln” in meinen Tag ein.
      Ich wünsche dir einen wundervollen Tag, Ronja

  4. I love this – and I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been going through a tough time! Sending massive hugs and virtual love your way 🙂 I think you’re so spot on, sometimes you do just need to take a breather, mentally distance yourself from whatever is troubling you and start fresh. It’s never too late to start new 🙂


    Anastasia Amour | http://www.anastasiaamour.com

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