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World Of Inspiration # 8

Wold of Inspiration


1) Bloggers Gonna Fake

For my German readers: One of my main principales in life is honesty. I am an honest person and I want to be treated that way by my friends as well. Honesty comes first – in the real world, but also here in the Internet. But here in the internet it can be hard to stay honest, especially when the pressure of earning money with it comes in – which luckily it doens’t yet for me : ) I think it is easy to tell if someone is writing something they believe in or not. When you’ve been reading that blog for a while, you can often see the change in the writing style. I got to think about this topic, because of THIS post from Julia, in which she expressed her opinion so well.

2) Stop Faking – Be Real!

The answer to Julia’s post came right away from Jenny. I loved the way she thought about it and how she let her readers see her answer on her blog – you can find her post HERE. And both of them are right, why not sometimes show “the messy corners” in your life or share a selfie with no make-up on Instagram?

3) 10 Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Morning

I am always on the look to find blogpost that inspire me to life a happy and positive life. And as you probably now I believe, that we are responsible for our own happiness. There are lot’s of ways to find more happiness in your life and I loved the idea that was shared in THIS post by Anastasia for A Little Opulent. Again I think I might write that list down, so I can actually look at it each morning, remember to tell me these ten things and make a habit out of it. Similar to what I already accomplished with My Grateful Journal.

4) Anastasia Amour – My Newest Blog-Crush

Today every two favorites seem to be connected : ) After reading Anastasia’s Post on A Little Opulent, I had to check out her blog, of course! And what can I say, Blog-Crush! Big time. I love everything about. It is not a fashion nor a beauty blog, but it is filled with words, lovely words striking to improve your life and be positive. My favorites so far – “Follow your heart but take your brain with you” or “What you should be doing in your 20s” – a post that directly spoke to my heart and encouraged me on a lot of my own thoughts. Well, I think I will spent some time browsing her website. So far, two thumps up and a couple more, if I’d had more : )

5) Time Management & Daily Routine

A little confession: I love calendars, time planning, notebooks, pens and I love posts that address these things. I always thought it is a weird thing – and maybe it is : ) – and kept it hidden, but since I started to write So This Is What, I also learned to stand up for myself a whole lot more. So here I am, telling you that I got super excited when I found THIS post from Toni on A Bowl Full Of Lemons – which is a great blog if you are as me: interested in all things organization.

I feel today’s list a a big mix of everything, but I hope you get inspired by some of these posts as well – did you? : ) And do you have some favorites that could inspire each other as well?

Happy Inspiration!
Love you all



8 thoughts on “World Of Inspiration # 8

  1. She did it again 🙂
    Zack wieder zwei neue Blogs in meinem Bloglovin Feed 🙂 Alter Schwede, hast du das Büro von Toni gesehen?? Wie gern ich da am Schreibtisch sitzen würde…echt super organisiert!
    Anastiasia scheint auch eine super Inspiration zu sein, ich bin sehr gespannt auf ihre weiteren Posts!!
    Liebe Grüße!

  2. Ich habe grad erst diesen Post gesehen – und dadurch den von Jules.
    Oh man. Sie hat so Recht! Ich dümple ja auch mit meinen unter 100 Instagram-Followern herum, meinen Blog gibts schon jahrelang und wirklich voran komme ich nicht. Aber das ist mir tausend Mal lieber, als irgendeine Zahl, die nichts aussagt, weil ich nicht hinter dem stehen kann, was ich schreibe.
    Wobei der Gedanke, vom Bloggen leben zu können, natürlich ein einziger Traum ist. Ein Traum in weiter Ferne 😀

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