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Quote Of The Week – To Live A Creative Life

I admit, my series “Quote Of The Week” has definitely become a favorite of mine. From thinking about a quote, searching for inspiration, designing the picture and writing the actual text – I love it all. Some weeks I find myself worrying not to have anything to write about, but so far the thoughts have always come and some of them had to be shared.

This time I got the inspiration for my quote one morning while checking my Instagram. Luckily I remembered the name of the author, because I didn’t write it down that moment. And my friend google helped me to remember the quote. So I got to design another picture/card. A question – I was wondering how you like the style of my “cards” from the last posts?

To life a creative life

Those are some wise words. Being creative for the last 9 months, also meant a lot of fear, judgement, pushing myself to believe in my own strengths and figuring out my dreams. But to pursue them and standing up for what I want and secretly wish for, does not always come that easy to me. I am not the rebel, I am more of a “pleaser”. I won’t talk about my dreams with anyone, I choose the people I trust with my dreams wisely. I am the friend you can trust your deepest secrets with, nothing will come over my lips. Sometimes not even my own secrets and dreams. And I think Joseph Chilton Pearce brought it to the point: It is fear of being wrong, of doing wrong that is holding me back. But how can I actually be wrong when they are my own dreams I don’t dare to tell?




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