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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 37

For the first time since my exam learning has started, I let my holy Sunday slide away yesterday and spend it studying. I didn’t even make pancakes, which you know, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I love! But alright, I still had a wonderful time. I went on a two hour walk, reading my notes and talking to myself – quite amusing for the people passing by. Some looked at me as if they were thinking “Oh, I know what she is going through. Studying on a Sunday afternoon.” : )

This week was pretty unspectacular. For a long time, I’ve been only studying in the library, but the last week I was needing the comfort at home. Luckily, my bf can work from home and decided to join me. I am glad he did, since it helped me to work so much better – in contrast to what you might think, we work very well together : )

My exams are not that far anymore, the end is in sight. Which also means the stress, anxiety and worries have doubled. So far I’ve been holding up pretty good – at least in my opinion…my family might think different – , but I am starting to crack a little…the motivation is gone. And as much as I am trying to stay happy&content it is just not working anymore to tell myself how “much fun studying can be”. It’s just not that much fun. I think a new pen, notebook, marker or any of these items might help. What do you guys do when the motivation is low and you simply don’t want to sit at your desk anymore? Any tips?
But I have great things to look forward to: In three weeks it is time for me to pack my bags and leave my studies for a weekend, because…I am invited to a wedding!! The timing couldn’t be better, it is right after my first two exams with the next one coming around three weeks later. Perfect to catch up on some sleep, very needed family time, celebrating and relaxation. I am super excited! My whole family is going to be there, including my brother who is coming from Italy. And my mum – can’t wait to hug her. The only “big” problem: I have nothing to wear! I hope one of the six dresses I ordered today will look good : )

But enough talking, here are my favorite moments from the last week!

IMG_20140909_191035I stocked up on some of my superpower-health-essentials.

IMG_20140910_092106And decided to try the very hiped chia pudding for breakfast. My conclusion: It tastes perfectly like nutella – I tried Vicky’s recipe – but it doesn’t even come close to my beloved oatmeal, since I  got hungry just two hours later. So I will definitely keep it as a sweet treat, but not as breakfast : )

IMG_20140910_150620Amazing lunch! Wraps inspired by The Daily Dose and home made ginger lemonade. Food heaven.

IMG_20140911_075123Favorite breakfast combination these days and a little view at my outfit.

IMG_20140912_091320Home office!

IMG_20140912_134756Did you see my post for THIS recipe? I think I need to stock up…all gone and already craving them again : )

IMG_20140912_204656Green smoothie the first.

IMG_20140913_211815Berry crumble and vanilla ice cream on Saturday after work and some cuddling time in bed.

IMG_20140914_091757Coffee to start my study Sunday.

IMG_20140914_191403Golden hour right in our flat. Loved it looking at the sun, while zipping on my green smoothie.


I wish you all a great start in the week! Let’s keep the positive thought up.



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